SonoreultraRenduusedSonore ultraRendu w/Power SupplySONORE Ultra Rendu and the CIAudio Linear Power SupplyPre-Owned and in mint condition.Ultra Rendu:HARDWARE FEATURES Matching case to the Uptone Audio UltraCapFull linear regulated main ...950.00

Sonore ultraRendu w/Power Supply [Expired]

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SONORE Ultra Rendu and the CIAudio Linear Power Supply

Pre-Owned and in mint condition.

Ultra Rendu:


  • Matching case to the Uptone Audio UltraCap
  • Full linear regulated main board
  • High quality ultra low noise regulator for USB and CPU
  • External power input jack
  • RJ45 input connector
  • USB audio output connector
  • Micro SD port for operating system
  • Fixed frequency ultra low jitter oscillators
  • Multicore processor with DDR3 RAM
  • Power input: 6-9 VDC at 1 Amp min continuous
  • Power connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm (center +)
  • Dimension without rubber feet: 1.181"(H)x4.331"(W)x4.409"(D)

CI Audio Power Supply 7 Vdc model for the SONORE rendu technology.

Key features include:

  • Low Noise 35VA EI Core Transformer
  • High Quality Schurter switched IEC Power Inlet
  • Schottky Bridge Rectifier Diodes
  • Over 20,000uF of filter Capacitance
  • Polypropylene bypass capacitors
  • Selectable 120/240V Input Voltage

All models come standard with AC mains cable and 2.5mm~2.5mm output cable

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