High Fidelity CablesMC-1newHigh Fidelity Cables MC-1 MC-1 Pro Power Conditioner - NEW!The MC-1 Profesional Series. Introductory offer 15% discount.The MC-1 Pro uses Magnetic Conduction in a different way from other High Fidelity Cables products. A trickle down from the Pro Elite ...1359.15

High Fidelity Cables MC-1 MC-1 Pro Power Conditioner - NEW! [Expired]

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The MC-1 Profesional Series.    Introductory offer 15% discount.
The MC-1 Pro uses Magnetic Conduction in a different way from other High Fidelity Cables products. A trickle down from the Pro Elite Power Conditioner it uses aspects of our newly patented capacitor design. We couple the power of traditional capacitor filtering with our most powerful magnetic waveguides. 
The capacitor itself is too small to filter AC on its own, however, and does not inhibit the flow of energy. However, coupled with the magnetic waveguides the capacitors act to both center electrons within the waveguide as well as draw some energy into and through the waveguide. This new technique makes for a level of magnetic filtering unique to the MC-1 Pro. 
The result is lowered distortions sonically it reduces harshness and edginess, it offers greater resolution and better dynamics. The soundstage becomes more focused. Images that have a better, more defined trailing edge will more naturally linger. Tone speed and attack are both improved, and bass frequencies will sound more like instruments and less like boomy or undefined energy.  Every aspect of sound is improved by the MC-1 Professional series. Adding additional units helps to continue to even further lower noise, thus the MC-1 Pro is designed to stack. This allows two or more units to be used together in a plug or power strip. 
A serious upgrade for a serious system and audiophiles. This unit can also be used with traditional power supply devices like regenerators, isolation transformers, and capacitive-based power conditioners of any type. 
MC-1 Pro cannot be used directly in ground fault interrupters or "GFI" receptacles or GFI breakers common in parts of Europe. 
All High Fidelity Cables devices work based on lowering distortion and take time to bring the musicality to the end result.  When you first install the MC-1 Pro you will hear a reduction of overall sound. This is distortion being removed that had cloned or added itself to the audio signal. Within hours the MC-1 Pro will start to open up and reveal more and more music. Full break-in does not occur until 400 hours or more, and during this time the device should not be removed.   If removing to do A/B comparisons, let the system settle for 24 hours before analyzing the sound as the device has a lingering effect. Upon reinstallation, also wait at least 24 hours to evaluate. Some changes are immediate, but the net result of lowing distortion takes time to reveal its benefits, as many audiophiles have learned. 
The MC-1 brings a taste of our Profesional series line into a category more people may consider. It is not truly at the level of Pro Series cables but it delivers a taste of true high end.