InakustikLS-1204 AirnewInakustik LS-1204 Air over 15 million cables sold worldwideThis ad is for 1 set of Inakustik LS-1204 Air speaker cables in 3.0 meter length with Inakustik's Air Helix technology. This set is spade at both ends and for an extra $100 can be ordered bi-wired ...1850.00

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This ad is for 1 set of Inakustik LS-1204 Air speaker cables in 3.0 meter length with Inakustik's Air Helix technology. This set is spade at both ends and for an extra $100 can be ordered bi-wired at speaker connection. Inakustik website: Breath taking sound at an affordable price In our quest to find true air insulation, we have certainly set standards with our Reference series for high end audio. Our unique Air Helix technology leads the way to unspoiled audio transmission. Now we have added two top notch Reference Air Helix cables for the high end audiophile that is on a budget. They are NF-1204 interconnects and the LS-1204 Air speaker cables. They are for every aspiring music aficionado and they can benefit from this high tech design. Thanks to air insulation, enjoying hi-fi sound becomes literally a breath taking experience. References Cables with our innovative Air Helix design has enthralled numerous high end enthusiasm around the world as well as the trade media. Built for interconnecting true "reference" high end devices they can certainly make more than just a small difference the sound of best-in-class audio systems. The 1204 Reference model is tailored to the needs of many small but yet high end systems and the budget of their owners. Carefully crafted with outstanding properties, these cables help any high end system produce the perfect sound. Technical background For better understanding, lets dive into the technical details. It's widely known that the dielectrics (i.e. the insulating material) of a capacitor plays an important role for the sound quality of hi-fi components and speakers, therefore our engineers always select all the parts with the greatest of care, even those incorporating the smallest amount of the dielectric. On the other hand, a cable of some length typically might incorporate several hundred cubic centimeters of dielectric material, mainly the electrical insulation. The dielectric stores an electric charge or energy, which is perfectly fine with electronic components such as capacitors. But with cables, the resulting capacity is a "parasitic" effect and this is undesirable for natural music production because it significantly affects the transmission properties and leads to interactions with connected electronics. When it comes to high end audio, air is the best insulator currently available. Using it allows for achieving low capacities and low dielectric losses, this is the key factors to unspoiled transmission. Any extra material use on a cable (e.g. PVC insulation) causes a degradation of its electrical properties. In an ideal world there wouldn't any insulation material and this is why our Air Helix cable design is a step towards perfect air insulation. The Air Helix principal is literally unique. We have designed a special clip to approximate to air insulation as closely as possible. Inside the cable, a large number of those clips are arrange to form a special helical support holding the signal conductors freely in the air while keeping them at an exact distance throughout the cable. The structure is highly flexible thanks to the two cross pieces that do not only interconnect the clips but also insure high accuracy spacing. Obviously, the conductors themselves play a key role in the Air Helix design. The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide is made of high purity copper wires braided around a PE core. A very thin lacquer coating on the wires prevents the formation of eddy currents inside the waveguide. The braided wire design also produces neutralizing effects by insuring that magnetic fields created by the current are at least partly compensated. In particular with speaker cables that carry the highest current into the entire audio path, this design insures neutral conductor behaviour over the entire frequency spectrum. Just like all speaker and audio cables from our Reference series, the LS-1204 Air and NF-1204Air are entirely manufactured in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at on-site factory in Germany. The resulting Air Helix design then receives a PE network jacket before the finish cable is subjected to a thorough and final inspection. We have opted for Tellurium copper as the conductor base material rather than brass. This is because Tellurium copper offers almost twice the conductivity. Than using custom made machine strips,  a complex technique with lacquer coating on the highly pure copper wires of the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide is formed. Afterward the bare wires are crimped with a 1.5-t pressure directly on the connector. This technique prevents the occurrence of contact resistance that often occurs with the use of additional materials such as solder, wire and sleeves. The connector surfaces are rhodium coated because this is an extremely robust material that insures optimum contact. Testimonials Roman (NF-1204 Air model) I thought I was just buying a set of cables for my second system but the $750 Inakustik NF-1204 RCA interconnects are better than my previous $3500 reference interconnect. I am ready to order the matching speaker cables and all I can say is that I am a believer! Andrew (LS-4004 Air model) The only thing I can say "WOW" if you love bass, this cable will make you toss your subwoofer out the window. The details, soundstage, deep deep base and 3D imaging are spot on. Please note this cable hasn't even broken in as I just took it out of the box. I don't know how much better after 100 hours of play time this cable can get. Dave (NF-2404 Air model) These cables really maintained a system's potential for imaging, they have great separation, air and very high level of transparency that allows you to see deep into the sound stage. This transparency reveals a great sense of depth and detail while maintaining a sense of ease and overall organic sound with very accurate tone. Easy to listen to for hours on end but never soft sounding, everything is just right. Sold my Synergistic Research cables after listening to my new reference Inakustik interconnects. Rusty (LS-4004 Air model) I'll follow up with you later but Holy Crap Batman! Want to buy a nice set of Echloe's? Thank you sir. I was blow away last night about an hour after putting them in my system. Do the interconnects do the same thing? Thank you sir, I'm so glad I called. Michael Setjadiningrat (LS-4004 Air Model) Hello Bob, sorry for the late response, I ran the system 5 days none stop before I started any listening. Now it has a good 100 hours. All I can say about this cable is "WOW"! I could not believe how the Inakustik Air cable does it. I played through my system and the music comes out so much more alive than it did before. Bass slams deep  and the midrange is to die for. Having a good listen for a few different genre of music, I can hear how fast, detailed, and articulated the music is during my listening sessions. It is so much more enjoyable, thank you for your recommendation. I will never look back and they will always stay in my system. Regards, Michael Jonathan (NF-2404 Air model) Dear Robert, I let the XLR to XLR interconnects you sent me break in for 6 days solid. I would have gone longergone longer but I have to run tapes for the next 3 to 4 days and if this wire is going to better then what I have, I want to use it with my recordings. Remember, I listen to my tape copies daily over and over. I know this one copy in line up as well as anyone can know a focus aspect of their audio system. I have to listen to it for hours upon hours, daily and weekly. It is what I do for a living. I listen to my current XLR wires for a while tonight and then put in the Inakustik XLR cables between the 2 tape machines. One plays the master and the other records it. The Inakustik wire is between the machines carrying the signal. After putting in the Inakustik 2404 XLR immediately the sound is more real, more natural, more open and richer in the good sense. No question! I barely listened and I could hear it. I then got my wife in the studio who knows this one tape of mine by a Chicago singer over a vintage mic. She immediately said the Inakustik wire was better. More natural, smooth in the good sense and not so grainy sounding. I didn't influence her listening nor her descriptive language. In short, the wire is excellent. I wish you could hear these mater tapes with the wire. So realistic in a musical sense. The vibes I'm listening to right now are startlingly natural but present. Most present on other wire (while in most amplifiers and speakers too) is boosted frequency or some planned aberration. Not the Inakustik! It is an organic presence like analogue tape itself. Thank you so much for helping me get the right wire. Jonathan François Lemay (LS-4004 Air model) I started by letting the 4004 cables cook for 36 continuous hours before any listening. Then I decided to make it difficult on Inakustik and I made my first comparison with the best cables I had heard previous to Inakustik, Stealth Dream. You know how strict my listening protocol is. Same for known track and unknown. I know I am my own worst enemy and as any human hoping reality will match expectations, be aware, always be aware of yourself. So I started with a really difficult track of Verdi Requiem with full orchestra choral and soloist. I listen to this 4 minutes track 3 times to be sure. I know it in a very comfortable margin, meaning the fourth listening time does not bring any surprises. Then and only then I switched the cables. I take less than one minute to swap the cables and then I returned to my chair. I wait about 1 minute so my activity level settles down. Push play button... Literally a new recording. Depth, definition, dynamics and harmonic density. It's like following an understanding or adding a lot more instruments and choirs. It meant the soloist can now be followed and more... understood. The Stealth Dream was in comparison flat, boring and lacked information. The difference is so striking that even on simple music like a violin duo, the gap is maintained. Both violins now have their own personality and space. Amazing! So I kept doing this same test protocol with many tracks with same conclusion every time. It's hard to explain but generally when listening to songs attention is naturally focus on the singer and we follow the singer and simple awareness with accompanied instruments. With the 4004, the relationship between the singer and the instrument is totally different. Each is totally free to express them self and the listener can now freely dance between whatever her or she wants to pay attention to. It also means that you can hear much more detail and I would say a lot more small nuances then ever before. Indeed, backup vocals now have their own space and time and I have still now listen with my analogue source: Kronos Pro, Black Beauty arm, ZXT Omega Premium. I will keep you posted. I have only use my reference two way reference speakers to do these tests but the electronics were Tenor 350M 240V 130000$, Tenor line 126500$ phono preamp 61500$ and digital source with Inakustik NF-2404
interconnect. And I think I was able to show the total potential of these
cables. And what potential I am in a way surprise and disturb because Stealth cables were so expansive but I am so deeply happy to own and use the Inakustik LS-4004 and NF-2404 cables has my new reference. Thank you Robert for this discovery. discovery. Bob Visintainer (Full loom of Inakustik) Hi Bob, The Inakustik Reference USB, HDMI, LS-4004 speaker cables and interconnects are a REVELATION! The built quality is A++++, the price is almost ridiculous for the sound quality and speaking of sound quality, they will compete with any cable in the market place at ANY price. Open, extended, rich, full bodied, transparent, you name it, they do it in spades. All the best, Bob Real Inakustik customers that have allowed us to use them as referrals: Paul - [email protected] Mike - [email protected] Francois - [email protected] Bonny - [email protected] Michael - [email protected] Andrew - [email protected] Jonathan - [email protected] Roman- [email protected] Bob - [email protected] For a retail outlet near you please contact us directly at [email protected]  Or call at Bob 519-619-9924 Shipping in Canada and the USA is $30.00 via DHL

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