Pure Audio ProjectTrio15 Horn1usedPure Audio Project Trio15 Horn1The best speakers I've ever owned. They are very friendly to listening space and very easy to sound good. High efficiency 96db and 8ohm, goes down to 29Hz and doesn't need room treatment to sound i...5800.00

Pure Audio Project Trio15 Horn1 [Expired]

no longer for sale

The best speakers I've ever owned. They are very friendly to listening space and very easy to sound good. High efficiency 96db and 8ohm, goes down to 29Hz and doesn't need room treatment to sound its best. I removed my corner bass traps and second reflection point absorption to unleash their full potential. They sing in my small 15'x12' listening space. However, I'm moving to a new apartment in Manhattan in few weeks. The living room is only about ~10' wide. I don't think it'll work there. That's why I'm putting them up for sale. If it doesn't sell before my move and I can make them work in the new space, I'll keep it. Original owner. Kept in a smoke/pet/child free apartment. There are many glowing reviews online. One of the best deal right now in speakers. They punch way above their class. It comes with Verastarr Silver/Gold foil for the horn driver and Duelund 12ga (I also have additional duelund 16ga) for the bass drivers. These internal cables cost more than $700. Buyers pays shipping. Local pickup from NYC is the best option as there are quite a few number of heavy boxes to ship. But I'm open to shipping. Review: "The Trios wide dynamic range makes it easy to achieve high SPLs with minimal power, but it also makes for engaging low level listening. These are one of the most exciting speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to at low volume levels, making them perfect for someone living in a condo or apartment situation." "The highest compliment I can pay the PureAudioProject speakers is that I purchased the review pair and will be using them as a permanent reference speaker in room two. I’ve never had this much sheer fun with a pair of speakers." - Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudioPublications "I have been pinching and kicking myself for the past several weeks as I have been romancing the Horn-1; pinching myself to see if this is not an illusion, that the experience is as magical as I’m hearing, and kicking myself because I have been a reviewer for more than 12 years and only now I’m relishing lower power/HE in a big way. " "I have several iterations with the Horn-1 to explore, but already the few configurations I have assembled would quality as most ardent audiophiles’ end game masterpiece." "When I listen to the Horn1 my ears tell me it is one of the finest sounds to grace my listening room regardless of the “ethnicity” of the speaker, that is, the technology employed. That is one of the highest complements I have ever paid a speaker in 12 years of reviewing. It offers an absolute lock on value for the dollar to the purchaser." - Doug Schroeder, Dagogo " They have the open presentation of planars, but retain the impressive dynamics of traditional horns. The horns and bass drivers are mated perfectly for an engaging lifelike presentation. They have the added capability of switching out components in the crossover to tailor the sound to your liking." - Paul L. Schumann, EnjoyTheMusic http://www.tonepublications.com/review/pure-audio-project-trio-15-horn/ https://www.dagogo.com/pureaudioproject-trio15-horn1-speaker-review/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1217/PureAudioProject_Trio15_Horn1_Open_Baffle_Speaker_Review.htm More information: http://www.pureaudioproject.com/trio15-horn-open-baffle-speakers/ Technical Data ================ Sensitivity: 94 to 96db (in a typical room) Nominal Impedance: 8ohm Frequency Range: between 29 to 32hz – 19Khz (in a typical room) Woofers: PAP exclusive OB-A15Neo Horn1: extended Polymer 1.4″ compression tweeter 47cm x 23cm custom-made wood horn Crossovers: (manufactured by Mundorf in Germany) Option1 : Leonidas Crossover, Trio15 Horn1 configuration Option 2: Audiophile-grade two way XO No notch filters Bi-amping option available Main Capacitor (in serial to the horn) is interchangeable Horn SPL is adjustable by gold plated jumper selecting four high resolution audiophile-grade resistors Horn finishing, Gloss White Baffle and Wood horn Woofers Baffles Finishing Options, see Trio15 Product Line Size: W:54cm H:116cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:46.67″ D:10.63″ Weight: 37kg/speaker | 81.6lbs/speaker