VerastarrGrandmaster LoudspeakerVerastarr Grandmaster Loudspeaker Like having a live band..Up for grabs is the Verastarr Grandmaster Loudspeaker. This consists of 4 cabinets and is 5 feet in height and the footprint is 24x 24" .These speakers will actually play back 500W RMS. This is no...5000.00

Verastarr Grandmaster Loudspeaker Like having a live band..

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Up for grabs is the Verastarr Grandmaster Loudspeaker.  This consists of 4 cabinets and is 5 feet in height and the footprint is 24x 24" .These speakers will actually play back 500W RMS. This is not recommended unless the room is huge and there's a party going on. In a regular room these can actually compress the airspace when the resonant freq of the room is met. They are capable of Bass frequency and output that one only usually experiences in a live sound reinforcement situation. The drivers are from Beyma of Spain, cabinets are internally braced 1.5" MDF with automotive grade PPG paint on the outside. These are not for delicate hi fi weenie listening, forget about delicacy with the Grandmasters. These are full bore professional sound reinforcement monitors. You can play a live recording and actually get it to a completely REAL live event level of experience. Close your eyes and you are absolutely there. This is not a versatile speaker made for everyone. This is a purpose built loudspeaker that is made in a very specialized fashion to reproduce Music at live concert level. Of course they do play gently, though you can easily hit nightclub level. Throw any electronic or bass heavy music at these and they will produce every ounce of the bass and trust me, you will give up before they do.
They are 99dB efficient, completely flat to 32Hz, then 3db down at 20. They are 8 Ohm.

The price listed is a giveaway price. I do not expect most audiophiles to get this type of speaker. They were designed by an OCD Audiophile that listens to rock music among other styles and has a little street smarts lets say. Yeah me. I like things that kick ass and are also high quality, so I designed this loudspeaker with some help of people a lot smarter than I. The drivers alone are $2500, paint job is $1K.. these are $25K speakers when new, and these show a little use, nicks and so forth here and there, but its time to get them out of my space as my home is not large enough for these along with everything else. So take advantahe of all I went through to have these made and get yourself the most fun loudspeaker youve ever had a chance to own.

I can drop them off for crating but that expense is on the buyer, local pickup is preferred but I can get them crated and shipped.

Questions ? call Mike 404-764-6233 

Questions for the seller
Hi. Nice job. Do you have pics of the back of the speakers? Also, the condition is 7/10 for any particular reason? Thanks
Hi Javier, sorry for the delayed reposnse, normally I get notified if theres a question. I can take pics the back looks exactly like the side except for a binding post plate about 4" x 6" with a single set of posts per cabinet. Its near the top of the lower cab and the bottom of the upper cab so you can jumper the 2. 7 out of 10 only because a few nicks chips around the driver from pulling it out. I had trim rings planned so I was not concerned. I'll take pics of that as well..
shipping to CA 94549? thanks
Hi Tommy, I'll use my best guess. Probably $350 to crate with integrated pallet. By a professional crater that is. Not my ass with a Maybe another $300 for freight, I use a company called Freight Quote where truckers already going there will add it to their truck for peanuts vs standard freight. I will load them in my pickup and take them to Craters and Freighters, then the freight company picks up from there.. Cheers
man these look cool , but Im in California! Maybe you can demo over video haha!
They are great. The strongest speaker you can imagine. I priced them low enough to compensate for lack of demo. Just look at anything with our name on it. You can be assured it's all the same quality level.
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