SunfireHRS-10used(Two) Sunfire HRS-10 Powered Subwoofers (1,000W ea)Listing is for dual Sunfire HRS-10 High Resolution Subwoofers. (2x Black Gloss Subs) The HRS-10's feature a 1,000watt Tracking Downconverter amplifier, and a long throw, High Back-emf woofer. Com...750.00

(Two) Sunfire HRS-10 Powered Subwoofers (1,000W ea) [Expired]

no longer for sale

Listing is for dual Sunfire HRS-10 High Resolution Subwoofers.  (2x Black Gloss Subs)

The HRS-10's  feature a 1,000watt Tracking Downconverter amplifier, and a long throw, High Back-emf woofer. Combined these produce bass output comparable to 15 inch drivers, but mounted in a tiny 11.5" square, 34lb. cabinet.

The sub provides line-level and speaker-level inputs, line-level high-pass outputs, a phase control, a crossover-frequency control with bypass, and a volume control. An automatic signal-sensing circuit detects an audio signal and activates the subwoofer as needed.

Remarkably, even at 1000W, this HRS-10 amp design remains incredibly cool while delivering up to 50% more voltage than comparable designs. The Tracking Downconverter is a proprietary circuit that keeps the amplifier idling at 6 volts above ground, pre-conditioning it for an incoming audio signal. This wastes less power in the form of heat and eliminates the need for giant heat sinks. Since the amplifier is idling at 6 volts above ground and not completely off, it can respond more quickly to music transients. The HRS-10 also features a signal compressor with a "soft-clipping" circuit that kicks in if the input signal could overload the woofer and cause damage. 

The HRS-10's sonic articulation has to be heard to be believed. The bass output is deep, crisp and penetrating, though not overbearing as you might expect from two 1000-watt subs in a medium-sized listening room.  I was floored when I first experienced (and literally felt in my chest) their bass delivery.  It was that impressive.  They sound that good.  No 'sales' hype intended.  These are very powerful, high quality, high resolution subwoofers.

Speakers ship in original boxes.  They do not have a scratch on them and work perfectly.


  • Woofer: 10"
  • Configuration: Single-Active
  • Custom, High Excursion Woofer
  • High Back-emf Design


  • Power Output: 1,000Wrms
  • Tracking Downcoverter Power Supply
  • Soft Clipping Circuitry


  • Auto Turn-On /Off
  • Level Control
  • Crossover Adjustment: 30-100Hz inf. var.
  • Crossover Bypass
  • Phase Adjustment: 0-180 degree inf. var.


  • Gold Plated Connections
  • RCA Inputs/Outputs: 2/2
  • Speaker Level Inputs
  • Detachable Power Cord


  • Finish: Black Gloss
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