TrendsCombo OneThe Trends Combo One couples our highly acclaimed Power Amplifier and Tube Preamplifier with a dedicated power supply. The Trends TA-10.2P Power Amplifier has received critical acclaim world wide...550.00

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The Trends Combo One couples our highly acclaimed Power Amplifier and Tube Preamplifier with a dedicated power supply. The Trends TA-10.2P Power Amplifier has received critical acclaim world wide as an audiophile "best buy." Combining this amp with our equally acclaimed PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier makes the Trends Combo One the perfect way of integrating your CD player, desktop, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Smartphone into your audio system. Sound quality this good is now available in a size and price that you can afford, and is no longer the exclusive domain of larger "audiophile" systems.

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Packing list:
- Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier(Body) -incl.6N11 Tube
- Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier (body)
- Trends PW-10 PSU 110V
- Trends QB-773 Audiophile Audio Cable
- Power Cord
- Cables x 3 (Red, Yellow and White)
- User Guide(English)
- Warranty Card x1

Here is what industry expert Roger Kanno at is saying Trends Combo One Hi-Fi System:

"I absolutely enjoyed my time with the tiny Trends Audio PA-10 SE preamplifier and TA-10.2P SE power amplifier... Like their predecessors, the new Trends components gave me hours of musical enjoyment and made reviewing them a pleasure. That said, the PA-10 SE and TA-10.2P SE comprise a good-sounding, compact tube-and-solid-state amplification system..."


- Combine the award-winning Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier and Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier.
- One Transformer-based linear mode power supply concurrently supports TWO audio appliances: (PA-10 & TA-10.2P).
- Provide all functions of headphone amplifier, pre-amplifier and power amplifier.
- Compact design (mini-size & light weight), easy portable and setup for Hi-Fi room, living room, sleeping room or even right beside your laptop computer.
- Audiophile grade transformer is tailor-made for Trends Combo Hi-Fi System.
- Specific circuit design and components of Trends PW-10 PSU applied for different power usage characteristics, which perfect match the different applications in high-frequency, high-current, digital and/or analog circuits for Trends Combo Hi-Fi System.
- High quality EMI noise filter in Trends PW-10 PSU is added to filter out those high frequency noise inducted from the global electricity network from Trends Combo Hi-Fi System.
- Built-in over-current protection and over-temperation protection design in the power amplifier.
- Unique air-core inductor in power amplifier used (instead of magnetic-core) for better sound.
- Innovative circuit design of low voltage hybrid (tube/transistor) & pure class-A circuit pre-amplifier to provide the best sound performance and easy/safe DIYer accessibility.
- The pre-amplifier supports both 6DJ8/6922 series and 12AU7 series tubes by simply switching the jumpers. DIYers can easily change their both series tubes to enjoy the fun.
- ONE bi-triode 6DJ8/6922 or 12AU7 tube as voltage amplification and TWO MOSFETs as output driver the pre-amplifier perform the warm, comfortable tube sound and in addition, guarantee the high fidelity & sufficient driving power to the next power amplifier stage.
- Provide TWO sets of switchable audio inputs in the pre-amplifier. Besides the normal CD input, the PC/iPod input with higher gain is provided for small output PC/Mac/iPod/iPad.
- Use iPhone Line Out cable or RCA cable and PC/iPod input works with low output-voltage sources, making Trends Combo System perfect for integrating your iPhone/iPod/iPad or PC into your audio system and achieves the sound quality of high-end Hi-Fi.
- Besides the normal audio output in the back panel, ONE headphone output in the front of the pre-amplifier to drive even high-impedance audiophile-grade headphones.
- TWO precise screw-driving potentiometers for professional audiophiles to adjust the tube�s bias voltage to guarantee the best working point for different tubes.
- The stylish aluminium case provides outstanding shielding & grounding capability to keeps the background silent and maximize the S/N ratio.

There are four products for Trends Combo One series:

Trends Combo 1(with Chinese 6N11 Tube) US$550
Trends Combo 1 SE(with Russian 6H23n) US$590
Trends Combo 1 GE(with U.S.A GE 12AU7) US$550
Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod/iPad(with Chinese 6N11 Tube) US$590
Trends Combo 1i SE for iPhone/iPod/iPad(with Russian 6H23n) US$630
Trends Combo 1i GE for iPhone/iPod/iPad(with U.S.A GE 12AU7) US$630

Shipping charge is US$50 by DHL worldwide. 2-year warranty (One year for tube).

Contact us at [email protected] if you have an interest in selling one of the hottest Class T-amp in the world.

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