PS Audio PerfectWave AC-3usedPS Audio PerfectWave AC-3. Length 3.0M (9.84')Great main power line from wall outlet to your power conditioner which, of course, is because the power conditioner must then feed every connected component.Also, awesome for subwoofers. If you hav...169.99

PS Audio PerfectWave AC-3. Length 3.0M (9.84') [Expired]

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Great main power line from wall outlet to your power conditioner which, of course, is because the power conditioner must then feed every connected component.

Also, awesome for subwoofers. If you have replaced the power cable on your amp and noticed an improvement, you will be amazed at the difference a power cable upgrade to make to a subwoofer amp with 500, 1,000, 2,000 of watts of power that is sitting 10 feet away from its power source, assuming you have your sub cable plugged into your power conditioner and not the electrical outlet closest to the subwoofer.

Product Description:

"The PerfectWave AC3 ... offers a significant improvement over stock power cables.

The low noise, high-speed design of the AC3 is based on 5 patents and years of listening and engineering and we believe it will bring new levels of refined beauty, power and spacious performance to high-end systems that use it.

AC power is a critical element in any high-performance audio/video system. Delivering that power to your equipment, without loss, is the job of the AC power cable.


A stock power cable is something manufacturers purchase in large volumes from the lowest cost vendors and include in their products as a courtesy.  These power cables will always be adequate in terms of power delivery but rarely designed to take advantage of all the performance values the equipment is capable of.

When choosing a power cable for connected equipment it is important to select a model with adequate shielding, proper materials and well designed connectors that are up to the task at hand.

The PS Audio PerfectWave AC3 an excellent type of power delivery system needed for any high-end audio or video equipment.


The PerfectWave AC3 represents PS Audio's best in affordable power cable construction as practiced over the last decade.

The AC3 is a 12 gauge pure Oxygen Free Copper cable constructed in multiple gauges and shapes.  Inside the AC3 is one hollow OFC conductor for the treble regions, one large OFC rectangular conductor for the midrange and multiple gauges of OFC bundled together for the bass.  The results of these design decisions is something rewarding to experience.

Use the AC3 in any high-end audio application as a replacement for the stock power cable.  Once connected via the AC3 you’ll most likely notice better performance in ways you didn’t realize your system was capable of because of its stock power cable.


As early as 2003 PS Audio realized that even with the best conductor technology in the world would benefit from an improved connector.

The PerfectWave AC3 connectors are built out of a solid block of high copper content brass, and then polished to remove any surface irregularities. The surface of each is then nickel plated to help prevent oxidation of the raw brass over time.

Traditional off-the-shelf stock power cords use a tightened steel screw to hold the conductor against the prong or are simply squeezed together.   This practice is prone to oxidation and corrosion as well as loss of connectivity.

The PerfectWave AC3 instead employs welding to fuse the conductor to the machined prong and  high silver content solder in in a final technique that creates the perfect bond of welding and soldering."

Purchased new and was part of my system in my air-conditioned and smoke-free home. Was running between the wall and power conditioner in my equipment rack. Was run on top of cable lifts so has never been on the floor and has never been positioned in anything other than a gently sweeping curve. I am selling because I upgraded to a different power cable.  

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