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Canary Audio CA-906 Stunning Preamp [Expired]

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Customer Trade in - Excellent Condition 

CA-906 Stereo Preamplifier  The CA-906 stereo preamplifier employs an advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide outstanding musical reproduction of your favorite music. It also features an external power supply (CA-906P) in a separate chassis to avoid undesirable electro-magnetic interference with the line stage. 

Like our other products, the CA-906 is engineered and built to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The circuitry components used in the CA-906 are carefully chosen and hand soldered on the military grade epoxy circuit boards. Even the DC power cable used to connect the line stage with the power supply was hand built by our engineers to meet our standard. 

The power supply utilizing four selected vacuum tubes (1 x GZ34, 1 x 6SL7 and 2 x 6V6) incorporated with a newly design circuit. The oversize power transformer is custom wound and two chokes are also used.

The line stage utilizing four military grade 6SN7 vacuum tubes. Two custom made chokes are also used in the line stage. Circuit highlights include the use of a total of eight pieces custom made Canary capacitors.    Special Features:
  • Two chassis design with external power supply.

  • Seven pairs of single-ended RCA inputs and two pairs of single-ended RCA outputs.

  • Relay attenuator that offers a maximum of 255 attenuation steps.

  • Full metal remote control unit with muting function.

  • Thick steel chassis with beautiful powder coating finish.

  • Heavy duty CNC milled aluminum faceplates and solid aluminum knobs.


    Input Impedance:50,000 Ohms min,100,000 Ohms max Output Impedance:1,200 Ohms Maximum Gain:10.6 dBFrequency Response:+/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 118,000 HzHum and Noise:-72 dBMaximum Output Voltage before Clipping:45 Volts Total Harmonic Distortion:< 0.01%Power Consumption:65 Watts (true RMS)Tube Complement (CA-906-L):4 x 6SN7 Tube Complement (CA-906-P):1 x GZ34 
    2 x 6V6 
    1 x 6SL7Dimensions:CA-906-L: 18.75" W x 14" D x 5.5" H 
    CA-906-P: 18.75" W x 13" D x 5.5"HNet Weight:CA-906-L: 26 lbs
    CA-906-P: 32 lbs

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