RaysonicM-100newRaysonic M-100 Tube Monoblock Power AmplifierRaysonic M100 mono block -- 100 wpc class A -- color --silver. 1pair ] NEW IN BOX full 1 yr warranty --90 day tubes """Please contact us direct for any questions or to buy this amplifier con...4200.00

Raysonic M-100 Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier [Expired]

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Raysonic M100 mono block -- 100 wpc class A -- color --silver. 1pair ]
 NEW IN BOX  full 1 yr warranty --90 day tubes
"""Please contact us direct for any questions or to buy this amplifier contact us at [email protected]  or call us at 215-953-9099 """ more info -- click here--Quest For Sound

New in Box .....full warranty -- USA VOLTAGE ---120 volts -- 60 cycle
 Raysonic M100 is a 2 channel mono-block power amplifier designed for high end audiophiles and dedicated music lovers. Our goal is to maximize the stability and yet minimize the requirements on maintenance. In order to achieve high quality in both technicality and good sound in music production, our first priority in the circuit design is to achieve low noise and distortion and at the same time maintain a wide band frequency response in the amplifier. We have chosen 5881 power tube as the core component of class-A power amplification stage because of its ultra linearity properties. The 5881 is using a relatively low plate power which is about 23-25 watt. To achieve an output power of 100 watts in this amplifier, four pairs of 5881 beam power tube are being used. Using four pairs of 5881, we can reduce the plate resistance by 4 times and hence we can increase the damping factor of the amplifier and the slew rate of the speakers being driven by the amplifier. Most high end audio amplifiers are using a plate cathode as a phase splitter. The drawback of this approach is that inconsistent output impedances occur between the positive and negative phase. Because of this reason, a plate cathode based design amplifier will have significant distortion in the high frequency range. The Raysonic M100 is using a cathode coupled phase splitter to avoid the problem mentioned above. Audiophiles and music lovers would be able to enjoy a high level of fidelity from the M100 which cannot be found in the same price range. """Please contact us direct for any questions or to buy this amplifier 
 contact us at [email protected]  or call us at 215-953-9099
 """ Features: 
 Class A ultra-linear design.   Four pairs of 5881 output tubes operate in ultra-linear-100 watts x 2 channels.   ON/OFF switch with built in blue LED.   Philip Hp capacitors. MIT capacitors.   Extended frequency range C-core output transformer.  High power custom designed toroidal power transformer.  Fully hand assembled to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.   Crafted grade aluminum brushed and anodized chassis: silver. 
 Specifications:  Vacuum Tubes: 5881 or EL34 x 8 , 6SN7 x 1 , 12AX7 x 1.  Power Output:100W per channel (RMS).   Made of Output: Class A. Total Harmonic Distortion: + N 0.5 % 1kHz. S/N Ratio better than: 92dB.   Input: 1 set.  Frequency Response: 5Hz - 90kHz ±1dB. Input Sensitivity:890mv.   Input Impedance: 250KΩ (Unbalance input).   Speaker output impedance: 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms.  Power Consumption: 240 watts. Operating Voltage: 100-120VAC. 50Hz/60Hz (220-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz).   Dimensions: 52L x 31W x 22H (cm) weight: 27kg 
 """Please contact us direct for any questions
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