MagnepanMG-20RusedMagnepan MG-20RAsking Price: $2750Note: If you live in Florida or the Southeast, I highly recommend picking up directly from me. An in-home audition is available for serious buyers and offers only.If you need shi...2750.00

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Magnepan MG-20R [Expired]

no longer for sale

Asking Price: $2750

Note: If you live in Florida or the Southeast, I highly recommend picking up directly from me. An in-home audition is available for serious buyers and offers only.

If you need shipment… factory cartons are available for purchase from Magnepan and shipping must be arranged for and paid by the buyer. Or you may want to explore the shipping service “uShip” which has become more and more popular on Audiogon.

Cash or PayPal payment only.

I am the Original Owner.

We are preparing for retirement, have downsized our home and for WAF... I am downsizing my reference audio system.

I am including these extra accessories at no additional charge...

- Custom: D.H. Labs Q-10 Silver Sonic, Bi-Wire Jumper Cables. Retail Value of $360 per pair.

- Custom: Duelund Coherent Audio, 1 Ohm, Tweeter Attenuating Resistors. Retail  Value $300 per pair.

Original Condition and Components:

- With All original Magnepan Speaker Hardware, Connectors and Owner’s Manual.

- Serial Numbers: 0265-1 and 0265-2

- Original matching MG20 External Crossovers  

- Dark Cherry Wood Panels with Off White Fabric

- Compare with the new MG 20.7’s Model at $13850 and an overall retail value of speakers, jumpers and resistors of over $14,500+.

Overall Condition: 8+

Sonically rated at 10

The MG-20’s sound as sweet and clean as they did when new... and Ribbon Tweeters function perfectly. The speakers have never been subjected to or asked to reproduce any frequencies below 80hz. Always used in conjunction with Vandersteen 2WQ Powered Subwoofers and the matching Vandersteen High-Pass Filters (80hz) between the Pre-amp and Power-Amp. These MG-20’s have always been power by Class A Rated power amps and never subjected to any clipping… I have only used Mark Levinson ML-333 and currently Parasound Halo JC-1’s with these Magnepans.

Cosmetic and Physical Condition rated at 8.

Due to age, a few minor blemishes on the wood panels and fabric, and I no longer have the original factory cartons.

Audiophile Recommendation Note for prospective buyers… When any version of MG-20’s are paired with two (stereo pair) of high quality subwoofers such as Vandersteen 2WQ’s or equal… the combined system is truly reference quality three dimensional sound. Many Magnepan dealers demonstrate this type of system in their prime listening rooms as the best sound they offer in terms of musical accuracy, imagining and lowest distortion.The combined MG-20’s with SW’s system is truly something to be experienced if you are a serious Audiophile… This is exactly why Magnepan is now offering their three panel version of this type of system in the MG-30’s.

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