Exact Power SystemsEP-15ausedExact Power Systems EP-WSC-15RModel: EP-WSC-15RThis line of exact power was manufactured by MAP, a robust selection of heavy duty filters designed for allaudio gear. EP-WSC-15R Common-mode and differential-mode line noise prese...425.00

Exact Power Systems EP-WSC-15R [Expired]

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Model: EP-WSC-15R

This line of exact power was manufactured by MAP, a robust selection of heavy duty filters designed for all

audio gear.

EP-WSC-15R Common-mode and differential-mode line noise present no problem. The company’s Wideband Filter technology is designed for front-end gear such as media players and preamps. It incorporates multistage, heavy-duty filters with a second set positioned as an additional line of defense against AC noise and RFI. The EP-WSC-15R filters are able to reach lower into the spectrum than standard units and thus provide better rejection on the order of one million to one in differential mode at 200kHz. The result is near elimination of externally generated noise as well as feedback protection from switch-mode power supplies. The EP-WSC-15R also has a five-stage high-voltage surge protection system, custom-wound large toroidal inductors for lower load impedance, a trio of coax in/out protection loops, and an RJ loop for surge protection of network and phone devices. Of the 10 grounded rear outlets, four are dedicated to low-draw wideband applications, two for reverse-filtered switch-mode power amps, and four for standard power amps. At 20lbs. in a 2RU chassis, the EP-WSC-15R represents a solid option in the quest for system protection.

 AC power line noise is everywhere in our modernized world. Appliances we use every day such as computers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioning units, just to mention a few,

can generate noise on the AC circuits you use to power your audio and video equipment. Most home entertainment devices have little or no AC filtering to prevent these AC line noises from causing their damage. Eliminating the noise and RFI from your AC line means that your equipment will not have to amplify and process noise and RFI along with the audio and video signals. The EP-WSC-15R Wideband Filter uses a combination of multi-stage, heavy-duty filters, and a second set of AC line filters to reject both Common-Mode and Differential Mode AC noise and RFI from the AC outlets feeding your sensitive audio/video equipment. The units noise reduction capability extends to much lower frequencies than competing AC filters. At the relatively low frequency of 200kHz, the EP-WSC-15R reduces differential mode noise by a factor of 1 million to 1, and common-mode noise is reduced by 300,000 to 1! This exceptional low frequency rejection means that neither externally generated noise, nor noise backfeeding from a switchmode power amplifier will ever reach your sensitive head end components.

The accompanying graph shows the reduction of noise at various frequencies from incoming power line from Output 5 to Output 1, designed to feed the most sensitive front-end audio components.

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