AurorasoundVIDA Supreme - LCR phono stagenewAurorasound VIDA Supreme - LCR phono stage - a new masterpiece from JapanShinobu Karaki-san's latest masterpiece...Aurorasound VIDA Supreme State of the art semiconductor design (LCR-type network), innovative technology and modular design combined with old-world crafts...12790.00

Aurorasound VIDA Supreme - LCR phono stage - a new masterpiece from Japan [Expired]

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Shinobu Karaki-san's latest masterpiece...

Aurorasound VIDA Supreme 

State of the art semiconductor design (LCR-type network), innovative technology and  modular design combined with old-world craftsmanship makes this phono amplifier outstanding in many respects, substantially surpassing the original and highly-decorated VIDA.

- LCR type Phono Stage Amplifier
- Good resolution and low distortion in low frequency range,  rich and massive middle, stable and delicate High.
- Useful functions for modern analog audio play back.
- Large size MUTE switch, Gain select, Stereo./Mono, Subsonic filter, Cartridge Degauss.
- Complete L/R independent design and construction for very good channel separation and 3D sound stage.
- Plug-In modules for matching with various kind of cartridges.
  [Standard Equipped]: MM and MC  low impedance under 14ohm, RCA and XLR input
  [Option] : Two slots
- Developed new amplifier module using made in Japan discrete transistors and FETs.
- High gain, low distortion, low noise,  high drivability
- Special customized RIAA filter choke transformer , Lundahl (same with VIDA)
- Made in Japan audio grade oxide film registers, 1% error rate.
- Made in Japan audio grade Electrolytic capacitors, very stable and long life.
- High quality Polypropylene film capacitors, made in Germany.
- Use made in Japan high reliability relay switch for all signal path switching.
- Shaving solid RCA jacks with rhodium plating. Neutrik XLR connectors.
- Very ridged and heavy , all solid aluminum chassis to firmly supporting circuit boards.
- Carbone compositional foot insulators.
- External Power Supply Unit for eliminating noise influence of power transformer.
- Large size,  large capacity Medical grade Troidal Transformer,  L/R independent.
- New design power cable, Coaxial inverse winding OFC, Better resolution and clarity.

MM, Gain 40dB, Load Impedance select 47kΩ/14kΩ 100pF/0/330pF
          MC, Gain 62.5dB, For cartridge Impedance under 14Ω
          Plug-In option 2 slots
Output: Line level signal, RCA un-balance and XLR Balance (1/GND, 2/Hot, 3/Cold)
Output Impedance: RCA 47Ω, XLR Balanced 47Ω
RIAA deviation: 10Hz -20kHz +/- 0.25dB
Input Noise: MC 144dBV,
                      MM 126dBV
THD+NMC: 0.008%,  MM 0.008%
Functions: Gain select +8db at High position
                  Subsonic Filter -12dB/oct. 20Hz
                  Cartridge Degauss, Passive type
                  Stereo/Monaural mixing L/R signals and canceling vertical vibration.
                  MUTE Useful muting at cartridge up/down
                  Auto-Muting, In the case of big hot plug noise or external shock noise
                  Automatic muting will enable in order to protect Speakers and Amplifiers.
Size: Main unit W420 x D350 xH106mm
         PSU W270 xD154 xH85mm
Weight: Main unit 9.2kg
             PSU 3.2kg
Power consumption: AC120V for USA, AV220V~ AC240V Asia/Europe, 50/60Hz 60W
PSU cable: 95cm x2

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