Synergistic ResearchAtmosphere X Euphoria (Level3)newSynergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria (Level3) - NEW CABLE SERIESSynergistic Research's brand new series - Atmosphere XThe new and further improved Atmosphere X interconnect and speaker cable series comes now in three performance levels - Alive (level 1), Excite...3495.00

Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria (Level3) - NEW CABLE SERIES [Expired]

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Synergistic Research's brand new series - Atmosphere X
The new and further improved Atmosphere X interconnect and speaker cable series comes now in three performance levels - Alive (level 1), Excite (level 2) and the top-line Euphoria (level 3).  

Brand new review on Positive Feedback Online.

Robert S. Youman of Positive Feedback wrote (Sept. 2018):
"...the combination of Atmosphere X Euphoria (Level 3) interconnects and speaker cables and Atmosphere UEF (Level 3) power cables have established a new bench mark of excellence for my system. Visitors to my listening room noticed the change immediately. Even non-audiophiles who never seemed all that impressed before became quite attentive if not mesmerized..." CLICK HERE to check it out

Atmosphere X Euphoria – Level 3 Interconnects
EUPHORIA sets the bar with SR's most advanced Level 3 UEF Matrix Shielding and is the only Atmosphere X interconnect to include an SR Ground Plane as found in Galileo UEF Series Cables and the Limited Edition SR25 power cord for the lowest noise floor possible. EUPHORIA’s geometry is closely related to Galileo UEF making it the most complex in the Atmosphere X lineup with 4x Discreet Airstring geometries for RCA, and 8x Twin Conductor Airstring geometries for XLR handmade in SR's California factory. EUPHORIA builds on EXCITE’s system matching versatility with the addition of a BLUE UEF Filter for more detailed sound with air, to the RED UEF filter’s warmth and liquidity. Simply listen to EUPHORIA interconnects in your system with the RED and then with the BLUE filter selecting the option that creates music in your system.

As with all Atmosphere X cables, EUPHORIA is conditioned with a new process to enhance out of the box musicality with increased lifetime performance along with UEF resonator technology both of which were first developed for the amazing BLUE fuses. And of course EUPHORIA is Quantum Tunneled on SR's 1,000,000 volt Tesla Coil for enhanced holographic realism and clarity.

The prices for 1 meter pairs interconnects are:
Alive (level1): $995 RCA / $1295 XLR
Excite (level2): $2250 RCA / $2650 XLR
Euphoria (level3): $3495 RCA / $3995 XLR

For more information check out our website:
As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.

We offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on the Atmosphere X series. We also have a lending library for the Atmosphere X cables. The library is a way for people like yourself to borrow Synergistic Research items and to try them out in your own home, with your own system. You may be aware of other lending libraries, so you know we're not the first. However, our lending library is the first to be FREE of charge (you only pay the shipping costs). Click here for more information about the lending library.

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