JL AudioFathom F212v2usedJL Audio Fathom F212v2 **Trade-in****Unit is complete and in flawless condition**Enclosure Type Sealed ...5299.00

JL Audio Fathom F212v2 **Trade-in** [Expired]

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**Unit is complete and in flawless condition**

Enclosure Type Sealed Enclosure Finish Black Gloss Frequency Response (Anechoic) 20 - 97 Hz (±1.5dB) -3 dB at 19 Hz / 110 Hz -10 dB at 15 Hz / 157 Hz Effective Piston Area (Sd) 168 sq in / 0.1084 sq m Effective Displacement 574 cu in / 9.4 L Amplifier Power 3.6 kW RMS short-term Power Mode(s) Off, On or Automatic (Signal-Sensing) Light Modes Off, On or Dim

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