Lyric AudioTi100 Mk.IInewLyric Audio Ti100 Mk.II - Single Ended Class-A - Best Sound Award at the LAAS 2017Award winner for Best Amplifer at the 2018 AV show in Guangzhou, China. Lyric Audio has been around for many years and is specialized in hand crafted tube amplifiers. The build and sound quality of...7950.00

Lyric Audio Ti100 Mk.II - Single Ended Class-A - Best Sound Award at the LAAS 2017 [Expired]

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Award winner for Best Amplifer at the 2018 AV show in Guangzhou, China.

Lyric Audio has been around for many years and is specialized in hand crafted tube amplifiers. The build and sound quality of Lyric Audio's amps is exceptional and the prices are too good to be true.  Lyric Audio has currently four amplifiers in their portfolio. The Ti100 Mk.II - a Class-A integrated single ended tube amp for connoisseurs, the Ti140 Mk.II a very powerful push-pull integrated tube amp, the brand new top-line integrated parallel single ended Ti200 and the PS 10, a fantastic tube phono stage.

If you're attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018, come by the Lyric Audio room (5002) and listen for yourself. Chief designer Stefan Noll will be there to answer all your questions.  

Factory lead time is currently 3-4 weeks. 

The Lyric Audio Ti100 received a GOLD SHOW AWARD for Best Sound at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017, driving Voxativ's Zeth and Z Bass.
CLICK HERE to watch a video and listen.

Also, CLICK HERE to check out Stefan Noll interviewed by Peter Breuninger introducing Lyric Audio at the LAAS.

Liquid, round sound, paired with highest musicality.
The first single-ended Class A amplifier from Lyric, the Ti100 is a statement in high fidelity. Designed primarily for speakers with medium to high efficiency the Ti100 has enough power and control to operate speakers down to 4 ohms with confidence.

Its purist circuit design, in combination with a powerful power supply, results in a high stability and an excellent signal to noise ratio. Same as on the Lyric Ti140 also here the possibility of various power amp tubes use (EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150). The input stage is equipped for each channel with a fine 6SL7-double triode. The Bias adjustment can easily be carried out by two potentiometers on the integrated meter.

  • For individual sound tuning, the feedback can be adjusted separately in three stages for 4 and 8 ohms.
  • Optional extension of the five high-level inputs to a pre-out for example, for an active subwoofer - possible.
  • Implementation of Buffer Amp possible, which is necessary with long cables or low impedances of the connected devices.
  • Control the volume, input selection and mute function on the remote control.
  • The receiver can learn codes using a RC5 remote control.

Surcharge for options:
Tape Out - US$ 390
Pre Out - US$ 520

CLICK HERE for more information.

As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.


Power - 2x 20W (KT150) / 2x 18W (KT120) / 2x 8W (KT88) / 2x 7W (EL34)
Distortion - <3%
Output Impedance - 4 & 8 Ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio - 95db
Mode - Single Ended Class A Ultralinear
Frequency Response - 15 Hz to 30 kHz (-1 dB)
Inputs - 5 Line
Input Impedance - 100 kOhm
Input Sensitivity - 240mV
Cabinet - Black or Silver brushed aluminum
Dimensions - 440 x 382 x 223mm (17.4 x 15 x 8.8 inches)
Weight - 30 Kg (66.2 lbs)


Alexander Aschenbrunner, HiFi-Stars (08/2015):
"...with the Ti100, Lyric offers an affordable and thus pain-free entry into the world of single-ended amps. Designed and manufactured in Germany, it also has the necessary functional safety. With its liquid, homogeneous sound it's like having many musical friends. Extremely musical, it plays almost passionately with high efficiency (horn) speakers. A little 'playing' with the input tubes was immediately rewarded..."

Juergen Saile, HiFi Statement (03/2015):
"...a completely successful single-ended integrated amplifier with the gigantic output of 2x20 Watts for single-ended operation output of 2x20 Watt. If it fits to your speakers, try it..."

Johannes Maier, AUDIO (03/2015):
"...I don't need to tell our AUDIO magazine readers that Class A tube amps sound especially good. Especially since the lab has the 'carpet' tools that emphasize the sound impression! Nevertheless, the Ti 100 from Lyric constitutes a novelty! Why? Because it closes the gap in the almost unpopulated Class-A range between beautiful, but too weak on one side and too expensive on the other..."

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