Morrow AudioMA2 InterconnectsnewMorrow Audio MA2 Interconnects New enhanced design!Experience great improvements in all areas with our SSI Cable TechnologyCLICK HERE for full detailsEasy Pay payment plan available.Cable Trade-Up Programs.60 Days to try in your system, full refund...159.00

Morrow Audio MA2 Interconnects New enhanced design! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Experience great improvements in all areas with our SSI Cable Technology

CLICK HERE for full details

  • Easy Pay payment plan available.
  • Cable Trade-Up Programs.
  • 60 Days to try in your system, full refund returns.
  • Experience what others have in your system.

Price listed is for a 1 meter pair of RCA terminated MA2 interconnects. Balanced also available.

Keven Jubeck Submitted: 2017.05.22

Hi Mike,

I began to put a system together about 8 years ago. I did almost all of my research online reading blogs and looking for unbiased information. I was looking for VALUE. Great products at reasonable prices. I started with whatever cord I could find around the house. As I put my system together I went with Emotiva Interconnects for their price. Just to make sure I wasn't missing something I decided to give your cables a try. I started with MA2. After the break in period, they changed the game. In a word " imaging ". My speakers began to disappear. I have since upgraded to your MA4/SP4 for music. I continued using Emotiva interconnects for my theater because I thought they were " good enough" . Boy was I wrong. When I completed the theater transformation to your MA2's, it was the dialog and details that came out, as well as much greater overall dynamics and an "airiness". It just sounds " REAL ". I have made several changes with components, but your cables remain a fixture.

I am VERY satisfied with your products.

My sysem: BAT VK-D5SE Morrow MA4 Balanced Blue Circle BC-103 Solid State Balanced Morrow MA4 Balanced Bryston 7b-sst (x2) Morrow SP-4 Paradigm Studio 100 v5. (They sound fantastic in this system)

Best Regards

Keven Jubeck

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Michael Gallagher Submitted: 2016.07.19

Just received my Ma-2 ICs today.IMPRESSIVE to say the least.These are light years Ahead of "famous brands ommited"..These even annihilated my Favorite "reference brand ommited" by a wide margin.You Sir are a Genius..More to follow.:)

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Mario Cavolo Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

It is instantly obvious to me that your cables are all you claim. You are to be congratulated on however you came upon the design. They are minimal and light and as if they simply get out of the way of the sound, revealing everything in perfect detail. Clarity, accuracy, spacing and soundstage are simply remarkable.

I am perfectly hearing detail and space in instruments that I never heard before. My previous IC was a local custom made, he told me had used silver wire. My previous speaker cables were 12 gauge multistrand copper. So my MA2s and SP3s didn’t replace anything esoteric or expensive. That being the case, the difference I hear with your cables is far more than I expected as any reasonable skeptic who spent my hard earned money. I am SO happy. Thank you. There is no hype in a word I write, just the straight simple facts. Enormous thanks to you Mike. As a jazz pianist I care about the music and I am thrilled. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Cheers, Mario

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