JM ReynaudAbcissa Jubilee Floorstanding SpeakersJM Reynaud Abcissa Jubilee Floorstanding SpeakersEast End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers, and are selling a brand new pair of JM Reynaud Abcissa Jubilee speakers. They are available upon request to you in satin black, grey or white. ASK US ABOUT ...6500.00

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JM Reynaud Abcissa Jubilee Floorstanding Speakers [Expired]

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 East End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers, and are selling a brand new pair of JM Reynaud Abcissa Jubilee speakers. They are available upon request to you in satin black, grey or white.


This is what Bob Neil of Positive Feedback had to say about the Abcisa Jubilees:

The Abscissa is designed to bring some of the fullness and low end authority of the Orféos into smaller rooms. There is a new tweeter based on the JMR’s new active Aldara not yet in production, and the pioneering driver tension technology already in force in most of the rest of the line."

But the new Abscissas give away nothing! They keep us in the fifth through the tenth row we paid dearly for and give us ‘life-like’ bass to boot."

" The overall balance of the Abscissas is both deeply satisfying and exciting. There are precious few speakers we can say that about."

The Abscissa Jubilees are probably the most truthful speakers I’ve heard. And by that I don’t mean ultra transparent and uncomfortably detailed, I mean accurate to timbre. Every instrument sounds absolutely like itself. A solo violin sounds exactly like a violin, in all respects: it is physically present before us: its body of rich wood, its strings firm, clear, and exquisitely beautiful."

The comparison with the Orféos is logical and obvious. Besides being $3000 cheaper, the Abscissa are clearer from top to bottom, more immediate, more room friendly, and easier to drive. Where the Orféos are fuller and denser, the Abscissas are more articulate and exciting. A comparison many will also make is with the late Offrandes. The Abscissas have more conspicuous bass, provide a more highly detailed and broader spatial presentation, and are more literally truthful from bottom to top. The Offrandes felt as if they were focussed more narrowly and closely and were a touch sweeter."

The Offrandes had plenty of detail and there is plenty of emotion in the Abscissa Jubilees. You would never mistake an Abscissa for anything but a Reynaud! ."

Whether it's Classical, Jazz, or other genres, the JM Reynaud speakers outperform other monitor speakers. For interested parties in the Long Island area, please visit East End Hi-Fi for a demo. We will help you transform your CD/LP collection back into music again!!

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