LuxmanL-509XusedLuxman L-509X IntegratedThis is just in on consignment. The owner just upgraded to separates. I could fine no issues at all, either in cosmetic condition or in operation.L-509X The realisation of a desirable ...6000.00

Luxman L-509X Integrated [Expired]

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This is just in on consignment.  The owner just upgraded to separates.  I could fine no issues at all, either in cosmetic condition or in operation.


The realisation of a desirable ideal the ultimate refinement of separates in a single unit.

The L-509X integrates the features of both a high quality separate amplifier and a high performance integrated amplifier into one product. The goal of creating an ideal integrated amplifier, initiated by LUXMAN with the launch of the L-509fSE in 2002, has now been advanced with the development of the L-509X. The L-509X integrated amplifier is equipped with many desirable features, such as the New LECUA1000 and a discretely configured buffer circuit in the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit. LUXMAN’s ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) original amplifier feedback circuit and a power supply with independent left and right channel blocking capacitors are intrinsic to this design, as well as many components used only in high end models, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction. The design of the L-509X incorporates the cream of LUXMAN's proprietary technologies, breaking new ground and creating the ultimate expression of “separates in a single unit”.

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