LinnKLIMAX DS/1usedLinn KLIMAX DS/1 REFERENCE DIGITAL STREAMER, DEALER DEMOThis is our store demo Linn Klimax DS/1, which we are letting go for an exceptionally good price. The KDS is Linn’s top Digital Streamer and considered likely the best in the world in the latest v...6900.00


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This is our store demo Linn Klimax DS/1, which we are letting go for an exceptionally good price.  The KDS is Linn’s top Digital Streamer and considered likely the best in the world in the latest version.  This unit does not have the latest award winning Linn Katalyst DAC technology but it can be upgraded to it through any Linn dealer, including our store, for $5720 plus shipping, which includes a renewal of the 5-year parts and labor warranty.  The latest version of the Klimax DS with Katalyst runs $23,380 so this unit with an upgrade would result in identical performance and appearance at a substantial savings.  As with all Linn Klimax pieces it features their stylish, classic, machined from solid aluminum billet casework – incredibly strong and very attractive.  This one is in the less common satin anodized black finish, which is just stunning – one of the highest quality finishes in the industry.

The Linn Klimax DS/1 is a source device that normally gets plugged into a high-quality preamplifier just as a CD player would.  As such the connections are simple with just an Ethernet input (RJ45) and one set each of analog RCA and true balanced XLR outputs.  Internally it has an excellent network receiver section capable of accepting up to 24 bit 192 kHz natively in a variety of formats.  The KDS supports ALAC, AIFF, AAC, WAV, FLAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats in any resolution they handle and upsamples to 32/384.  (The Katalyst upgrade would also allow the cleanest DSD decoding without conversion to PCM.)  The streaming system handles up to 24 Bit 192 kHz through the Ehternet port via UPnP while also supporting Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify streaming services and Internet radio.  Roon control AirPlay capability are also supported.  In addition there is a high-quality digital volume control that can be switched on for use without a preamplifier where the KDS/1 is the only source, although a high quality analog preamp will still give the most musical performance.

Musically the Klimax DS/1 is simply outstanding using the highest quality DACs Linn could find but using them only as DACs.  All other parts of the digital handling, all important to the musical quality, such as upsampling, digital filtering, dithering, etc. are handled by custom Linn firmware through a custom FPGA and clocking uses the most precise clock chip.  This also allows Linn to upgrade performance and capability over time through downloadable upgrades, which are all free.  Also free are control software programs that run on MacOs, Windows, IOS and Android devices and server software for Macs and Windows machines.  Of course, the analog circuitry is of supreme quality adhering to Linn’s high standards for engaging musical reproduction.  Indeed the Klimax DS units give you the clarity and freedom from noise of the best digital audio files with musical quality close to the best analog has to offer, and that is no simple task.

This unit is our store demo and is in excellent condition.  There are a couple slight rub marks (not scratches – none go through the paint) along the upper front edge only visible when the light is just right and a couple elsewhere, normally all difficult to notice.  The only other marks are again rub marks above the connection panel from plugging in and unplugging connectors and some light polish marks on the display. Klimax DS/1 will ship in the original box and packing and comes with all the original accessories.  It still has 2 years left of the original manufacturer parts/labor warranty.  Please contact us with any questions. 

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