syzygySLF870newsyzygy SLF870 New 1200 watt wireless 12" subwoofersAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal Underwood is happy to be selling the Syzygy line of wireless subwoofers. This ad is for the SLF-870 but we carry all 4 m...999.00

syzygy SLF870 New 1200 watt wireless 12" subwoofers [Expired]

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        Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

  Underwood is happy to be selling the Syzygy line of wireless subwoofers. 

     This ad is for the SLF-870 but we carry all 4 models from $399-$999.

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When three celestial bodies are perfectly aligned, it’s called syzygy. When advanced technology, high performance audio and a passion for great sound align, we call it syzygy too – Syzygy Acoustics.

                         Rooms are the real problem

Syzygy subwoofers pair seamlessly with any high-fidelity or home theater audio system to deliver clean and powerful low-frequency sound. Thanks to Syzygy's proprietary wireless technology, you can link multiple subwoofers to the same transmitter, allowing you to fill your space with deep and detailed bass, regardless of room size.The unique SoundSculpt technology measures your room and defeats room resonances to allow a seemless match to your main speakers without the typical one note bass appearing of most rooms. All controlled from your listening chair right from your phone on the Syzygy app.


Controlled from your phone

Using unique SoundSculpt Technology, each Syzygy subwoofer essentially makes a 3-D sonic map of its space, and then adjusts its output to smooth out the aural peaks and valleys. It sends out a series of tones that measure the shape and size of your room, the position of the furniture, and how your decor absorbs and reflects sound. This rich acoustical data is captured by your smartphone and sent back to the subwoofer where it is corrected then perfected, ensuring that the sub-bass from the Syzygy subwoofer blends seamlessly with your speakers and the low-frequency sound arrives at your ears at the correct time. All with a tap of an app. 

                       Multiple subs are the way to go                                       

All acoustic experts will tell you that multiple subs are the way to go. Two subs or a swarm of 4 will couple better to all rooms and help to even out room modes and  allow for lower distortion along with greater dynamics. Instead of making larger  models Syzygy recommends using two to 4 subs in your room and this can be  done at very reasonable prices. We very much agree. Two 870 subs are the same  price as a $2000.00 REL or JL and typically outperform them.

2018 Golden Ear Award winner from the Absolute Sound  

The SLF-870 is a 12 inch acoustic suspension design with a 1200 watt amp and
true 20Hz performance. It can be run both front firing or down firing. In addition to
wireless operation it offers line level input. Performance is superb with vary fast
transient response and the ability to keep up with fast mains like planar speakers.

At only $999.00 the SLF870 is a great value and at under $2k two will rock even very large rooms. Four in a swarm is amazing!

The Absolute Sound said:
"all those techy features are pointless if the subs don’t sound good, and fortunately, they weren’t just good—they were superb. I was able to achieve a seamless transition, so the subs sounded like a continuous extension of my main speakers. I worried that the wireless connection might cause dropouts, and while I carefully monitored the sound to detect any possible problems, I never heard a single one. That’s how technology should work. Style-wise, they may be rather plain, but who really looks at subwoofers? Very highly recommended and a great value for the price."

Read the entire review at:

Driver Size: 12" proprietary woven-cellulose-fiber diaphragm 
Type: Acoustic Suspension
Amplifier Power: 1,200 Watts
Frequency Response: 20-200 Hz
Room Output: 106 dB
Dimensions: 15" cube
Weight (net): 39.8 lbs
Wireless: Yes
Analog RCA In (LFE): Yes
Auto Standby: Yes Warranty: 3 years parts & labor

Read our 13,000 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to purchase any of the Syzygy subwoofers.

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