Shunyata ResearchHydra 8 V2usedShunyata Research Hydra 8 V2 power conditionLike new, rarely used Shunyata Hydra 8 V2 power condition. Orignal box, user manual. No power cord. See the pics. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------...1900.00

Shunyata Research Hydra 8 V2 power condition [Expired]

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Like new, rarely used Shunyata Hydra 8 V2 power condition. 
Orignal box, user manual. No power cord. See the pics. Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Shunyata Hydra 8 v2 is Better Than Ever!

8 Outlets of Protection that Will Make Every Component Connected Sound Their Best!

This latest generation Hydra 8, the v2 is Shunyata's best effort yet. The Hydra 8 v2's new proprietary ZrCa noise reducing compound offers superior RFI protection removing more haze and grunge than ever before. These improvements raise the new Hydra 8 v2's performance to a whole new level; soundstage depth, image clarity, tonal balance, power and dynamic range are all now reference quality.

Design Update
The most noticeable physical change between the Hydra 8 v2 and its predecessor is the physical weight of this latest Hydra. The Hydra 8 v2 weighs about 5 Lbs more than its predecessor thanks to Shunyata's new proprietary ZrCa-2000 noise reduction compound. The ZrCa compound is a much more efficient noise reduction compound, yielding substantial improvements in noise reduction and dynamic range, allowing the Hydra 8 v2 to offer a simultaneously more subtle and more powerful perspective.

Cryogenic Treatment
All Shunyata Hydras are Cryogenically treated, a process which provides noticeable, substantial and permanent beneficial effects. Over a period of 72Hrs, Shunyata uses liquid nitrogen to slowly lower the temperature inside the chamber to a chilly -320 Fahrenheit, then returns the item to room temperature. Shunyata is one of only a few audio manufacturers who owns their own Cryogenic chamber and they are one of the few to Cryo virtually all of the components used in their products. 

For over a decade, Shunyata's Hydra 8, in all its various incarnations has garnered praise from all over the world and from every spectrum of the audio universe. Well known Audio reviewers, well respected professional Audio Engineers and world-class Mastering Studios all agree; the Hydra 8 is simply the best possible choice for power conditioning. Try one in your home for 30 Days risk-free and see if you don't agree.

• Outlets: 8 Shunyata SR-Z1
• Power Output: 2400 Watts unregulated
• Current Rating: 20A continuous / 50A peak

• ZrCa-2000 Noise Reduction Compound
• Noise Reduction: Four VF filters (12 element)
• Surge Protection: 40,000A
• Over-current: Carling Electromagnetic breaker
• Each outlet individually filtered

• Wiring: UL Listed Shunyata Research 12 gauge
• Buss: Massive CDA-101 copper buss bars (7lbs)
• 20A detachable inlet

All aluminum chassis -- with aluminum inner chamber
WDH: 12 3/4" x9 1/4" x5 5/8"

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