Tube Distinctions SoulmatePreamplifier by Tom Evans.usedTube Distinctions Soulmate Preamplifier by Tom Evans. Transparent! Trades?Soulmate preamp in great condition. Sounds fantastic. Includes remote. Enjoy. Really good--wonderful sound quality. I am also an authorized dealer for PS Audio, Oracle, Resonessence, Verastarr, Ca...2300.00

Tube Distinctions Soulmate Preamplifier by Tom Evans. Transparent! Trades? [Expired]

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Soulmate preamp in great condition. Sounds fantastic. Includes remote. Enjoy. Really good--wonderful sound quality. I am also an authorized dealer for PS Audio, Oracle, Resonessence, Verastarr, Canary Audio and Triangle Art. Paypal or CC adds 2.9%, Will consider trades. Review from an owner: Sound is exception - lighting fast, yet full bodied and fleshed out. I would encourage you to read the feedback at the page linked below for more descriptions. I have been fortunate to own MANY of the best high end preamps over the years and this has remained one of my absolute favorites - it really allows the remainder of your equipment to show their mettle. Basics on the unit: • Five line level inputs • Two outputs per channel makes it simple for bi-amping or sub out • Fully dual mono circuitry, including power supply and transformers. • Alps volume control for infinitely variable manual level control • 120v Operation • Casework; solid black acrylic with silver metal Some detail from Tube Distinctions description: This is the new line level pre-amp from Tube Distinctions, aptly named the 'Soul-Mate', as it was originally designed specifically to compliment the existing Soul Series power amplifier range. Like the amplifiers, it is quite unique in design and it's the first pre-amp to incorporate the new two stage 'Hyper Regulators' that are unique to the Soul Series products.This now means at last there is no need for the use of cheap, mass produced, off the shelf regulators in any of the gain stage circuitry of the 'Soul-Mate' what so ever... The design criteria for the ideal preamp is as i am sure you will agree a very important one, here are just a few of the attributes the soul-mate has to offer: Shortest signal path possible, directly coupled, with perfect channel balance at all usable frequencies, the ability to place the all important power supplies [including large low noise twin transformers] and regulation devices as close as possible to the circuitry they are supplying, Ultra-wide frequency response, low output impedance to ensure correct amplifier drive capability at all frequencies and loads, exceptionally low distortion figures and noise... ONLY with careful design and layout, and the use of modern component technology is the soul-mate with all its exceptional attributes ideally and able to be contained in one neat unit, with no need to house the power supplies in an additional box for what ever reason... The signal path is 'directly coupled through out' and uses high power FET's, the silicon world's closest offering to the vacuum tube in terms of operation... At the heart of the power supplies, buried in the lower chassis of the preamp is a pair of 100va low noise transformers, one for each channel! there is also an additional single low noise transformer fitted in the same housing to supply the remote control board and illumination. As stated The Soul-Mate is one of the rare preamps that uses totally direct coupling, hence the circuitry features a soft start which eliminates pops and bangs on first turn on. Also, each Soul-Mate incorporates constant DC correction circuitry to cancel out any undesirable DC element appearing at the output at any volume level. All these exceptional features combined contribute to a pre-amp that is not only very linear, and quiet, but also a joy to listen to. From an Audio store: The Soulmate is a reference level preamp designed by Anthony Mathews and Tom Evans. it is a perfect mate for the Soul series amplifiers that Tom Evans Audio Design made as there reference audio equipment. The Soulmate is still being manufactured today by Anthony Mathews of Tube Distinctions. This preamp has served us as a back up preamp for the last 5 years. It is so good that we have no hesitation mating it with FM Acoustics, Thrax Audio or any other flagship products we offer. It will not degrade a high End system and will only improve it. this preamp performs as well as many costing three times its price!