JL AudioE-112usedJL Audio E-112 – 12 Inch  Power Subwoofer – Gloss Black Finish  – Demo/WarrJLAudio E112 – 12 Inch powered subwoofer in gloss black finish. The subwoofer was a display unit and demonstrated only when requested. The unit is a 9 out of 10 condition. The unit has NO chips...1300.00

JL Audio E-112 – 12 Inch Power Subwoofer – Gloss Black Finish – Demo/Warr [Expired]

no longer for sale

JLAudio E112 – 12 Inch  powered subwoofer in gloss black finish.  The subwoofer was a display unit and demonstrated only when requested.   The unit is a 9 out of 10 condition. The unit has NO chips or scratches that are on the subwoofer. The unit was on the floor for approximately 4 months.   There is NO cabinet marks, dents or chips of any type on the cabinet.  There are only some of the light scratch/scuffs that one gets on black gloss finished speakers as several months of a unit is cleaned.  Comparison of finish would be equal to if not better than my listing of the Gotham g213 or REL G2. Unfortunately I have no pictures to post but if you go to my positive feedback , my descriptions are accurate to what I have said when buyers received their unit.

Shipping – Included with purchase of the speaker within most contiguous US states(lower 48 states) only. Shipping cost is added to buyers in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii,  Guam and Virgin Islands.

E-Sub e112-GLOSS

Powered Subwoofer with 12-inch Subwoofer Driver, 1500 watts


Applying a series of our key technologies, E-Sub powered subwoofers deliver exceptional sound quality, power and value in a wide range of demanding applications

E-Sub drivers employ our exclusive DMA technology to optimize the drivers' motor strength, ensuring linear behavior over a very long excursion range. Unlike typical steady-state modeling systems, DMA takes into account the dynamic shifts created by current flow and back EMF under real power conditions, with real program material. The payoff offered by DMA optimization is a driver that faithfully tracks its input signal, at all listening levels, leading to superior bass definition and dynamics.

The extreme mounting depth of the E-Sub driver is very deliberate. It permits wide gaps to exist between the three suspension elements (the rubber surround and the dual spiders), imparting exceptional mechanical stability over the driver's full excursion range. This further improves linearity, reduces distortion and enhances long-term reliability. In a stroke of engineering elegance, the E-Sub’s steel front mounting flange forms the entire front baffle of the finished product, while the driver’s back-plate is threaded and bolted to the rear wall of its enclosure for support.

To power these innovative drivers, we engineered a completely new switching amplifier with a regulated, switching power supply, making its chassis more compact, lightweight and efficient, while still delivering ample, clean power to fully exercise the E-Sub driver's performance envelope.

Conveniently controlled from the E-Sub cabinet’s top panel, the amplifier incorporates studio-grade signal processing to make adjustments a much more enjoyable experience than rear–mounted controls found on most powered subwoofers. An attractive cover hides and protects the controls during normal use.

The feature set has been designed to allow the use of E-Subs in a wide range of applications, from full home theater systems to dedicated two-channel music systems, to desktop audio workstations. Analog inputs are provided for unbalanced line-level signals or speaker level signals. Dedicated line outputs are included to make a bi-amped system arrangement with no additional hardware required. Useful in combating ground-related noise problems, a rear panel switch configures the line level inputs as grounded or isolated.

The E-Sub’s active crossover is a true two-way, 4th order Linkwitz-Riley design, with a low-pass filter feeding the subwoofer's amplifier and a high-pass filtered signal exiting its line outputs. When the on-board crossover is defeated, as is typical in a home theater installation, the line outputs deliver a pass-through, buffered signal identical to its line inputs, easily permitting multiple E-Subs to be interconnected in a ‘daisy-chain' arrangement. Switchable polarity and a fully variable phase control round out the signal processing section. All signal processing is performed in the analog domain, ensuring very low latency in critical applications.

Precision-built in JL Audio's U.S. factory, all E-Sub are individually performance-verified and tested to deliver years of listening enjoyment in your home audio or home theater system.

Finish: Gloss Black

Grille finish: Black fabric

Enclosure Construction: MDF