Audio Art CableStatement e IC newAudio Art Cable Statement e IC  ** New** Cryo Treated Single Crystal Copper IC!Price listed for a 0.5m pair of Audio Art Statement e Series Interconnect Cables, with WBT 0152 Cu Nextgen gold plated copper locking RCA terminations.Additional details, options, and a special off...650.00

Audio Art Cable Statement e IC ** New** Cryo Treated Single Crystal Copper IC! [Expired]

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Price listed for a 0.5m pair of Audio Art Statement e Series Interconnect Cables, with WBT 0152 Cu Nextgen gold plated copper locking RCA terminations.

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Statement e Interconnect 

Our flagship design features Ohno Continuous Cast Copper and Silver Plated Copper conductors. “e Series” enhancements of deep cryogenic treatment, and solderless terminations infused with Furutech Nano Liquid to ensure maximum conductivity. High performance WBT Nextgen 0152 RCA's or Furutech FP-601/602 XLR terminations available. XLR option is terminated with audiophile grade Cardas Quadeutectic solder. Techflex sleeving. Each pair is meticulously hand crafted in San Diego, CA, USA.


Uncompromising performance and value are the hallmarks of the Statement e IC, an interconnect designed to beguile even the most discriminating audio enthusiast. The finest conductive materials in the world, 7N pure, are used in a matrix array of solid core single crystal copper, multi-stranded single crystal copper, and silver plated single crystal copper. The result is a balanced, natural sound. Fluid and organic in its presentation, stunning in its realism, clarity, tonal accuracy, and three-dimensional soundstage. The result is a superbly refined sounding cable that competes favorably with boutique shop interconnect cables costing many times it’s price.


Hybrid, four conductor cable. Un-plated solid core UPOCC and multi-gauge stranded UPOCC conductors, with both silver plated and un-plated strands for each pole. The conductors are spaced with air injected Polyethylene tubes, minimizing capacitance between conductors, which are then bundled in Teflon tape, then double shielded with aluminum mylar and braided copper. Durable Techflex outer jacket.


WBT 0152Ag and WBT 0152Cu NextGen RCA
 Precision engineered in Germany, the new WBT 0152 has been improved to utilize their nextgen™ insert. Wire contacts utilize passivated pure fine silver in the Ag model. The body is platinum plated, and finished in a beautiful glossy piano black. The 0152 features a technically advanced central contact assembly made of Ultramid®, a high-performance, high-strength electrical insulating material. The negative contact uses Dyneon™, a 3M material insuring long-term durability, and zero corrosion. One of the industry’s most technically advanced RCA plugs insures exceptional conductivity, and a superb sonic experience. Choose the silver WBT 0152Ag NextGen for a more revealing presentation, or WBT 0152Cu to add a touch of warmth.    

Furutech FP-601 / 602 (G) or (R) High Performance XLR 
 Furutech’s FP-601 and 602 XLR’s feature beryllium copper and phosphor bronze conductors, with a copper alloy end housing, and PVDF Fluoropolymer insulation. Rhodium Plated contact pins and sockets. Common to all Furutech parts, their patented α (Alpha) processing features demagnetization and cryogenic treatment that advance conductivity, speed up the transmission of signals, and provide a greater sense of power. Audio signals are enhanced resulting in superior resolution, blacker, noise-free backgrounds, and a vivid sense of shape within the soundstage for instruments and vocalists. Choose FP-601 / 602(R) for a slightly more neutral presentation, or FP-601 / 602(G) to add a touch of warmth to your sound..

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