McIntoshMX-134usedMcIntosh MX-134 A/V Control CenterMcIntosh MX134 Spectacular Deal Pre amp, Processor & Surround Pre: Handsome looks and highly versatile. Great clean trade in serial # 97427 TR 2003Comes...1095.00

McIntosh MX-134 A/V Control Center [Expired]

no longer for sale

McIntosh MX134 Spectacular Deal Pre amp, Processor & Surround Pre:

 Handsome looks and highly versatile.

Great clean trade in serial # 97427 TR 2003

Comes with remote and factory manual.

Please no low offer considered all trades welcomed (call David see below).

Sound & Vision says see link:

The MX134 is two preamps in one, combining a full-fledged home theater pre/pro for primary use with a two-channel A/V preamp that controls a second zone plus the recording outputs. Even though I'm absolutely infatuated with multiroom gear, I'll be the first to admit that multiroom systems can sometimes be frustratingly difficult to operate. The MX134 is a stellar example of how it should be done.

The inputs for zone A, the theater zone, are selectable via remote or by turning the knob located immediately to the right of the central blue LED display window, which indicates the selected zone A source, the volume level, and the zone B source. The zone B inputs are selectable either via a knob, symmetrically located to the left of the display window, or from a remote keypad (McIntosh or Xantech). Aside from the choice of input (which is available from the front panel because zone B controls the record outputs), you can only access other zone B functions from a keypad or remote eye located in that zone. (If you're a keypad fan, you can also use one to control zone A.) Conveniently, there's a system-off button on the front panel that allows you to shut down both zones simultaneously, plus a record-lock button that prevents zone B listeners from spoiling a recording-in-progress by changing inputs. For homes that require more zones, the McIntosh CR16 Multizone A/V Control Center adds another four zones (actually, you can use six CR16s for up to 24 more zones). All you need is a single DB37 cable to connect all of the MX134's A/V inputs to the CR16.

All 11 of the MX134's A/V inputs are available in any zone, although only analog audio and composite/S-video are output to the additional zones. You can rename any of the A/V inputs and assign the six digital inputs and two component video inputs to any input you choose. If an input isn't needed, you can turn off access in the setup menu, which makes it quicker to toggle through the available sources. An unusual feature is the ability to add the optional TM1 AM/FM tuner module. John Henkel, senior electronics design engineer at McIntosh, says that the $500 TM1's performance is identical to that of the separate MR85 tuner, but its cost is significantly lower because it's just the guts of the tuner.


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