LSA GroupOn Wall SurroundnewLSA Group On Wall Surround Black Tri-Pole surrounds-Clearance pricedAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST OR INTEREST thru PayPalI have 4 pair left of the $1299.00 LSA Black Tri-pole surrounds left. We are closing them out for only $399.00 a pair. The Speakers can be r...399.00

LSA Group On Wall Surround Black Tri-Pole surrounds-Clearance priced [Expired]

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I have 4 pair left of the $1299.00 LSA Black Tri-pole surrounds left. We are closing them out for only $399.00 a pair. The Speakers can be run as Dipole, monopole or Tri-pole with the flip of a front panel switch depending on your musical taste.

We only have these in black as the Rosewood shown has been sold out. These can go on the wall or on stands.

The On-wall is one of the most innovative, flexible and best-sounding surround speakers currently available –Home theater mavens and audiophiles have long debated the advantages of three main types of surround speaker: directional, bipole and dipole. Which of these approaches did we take?

The answer is… tripole.. .

The LSA1OW’s trapezoidal shape allows us to put three silk dome tweeters - the same used in our award-winning LSA1 monitors – in an array across the three front surfaces. Two switches on the front panel allow you to customize the sound to suit your needs.

Select ‘Front’ to use the front, center tweeter and to turn the two side tweeters off. In this way, the LSA1OW operates as a very well-balanced 2-way speaker – perfect for normal music listening.

Select ‘Side’ to turn the front, center tweeter off and turn the side tweeters on for wider dispersion – an excellent choice for home theater.

At this point you can select ‘Bipole’, which keeps the two side tweeters in phase, or ‘Dipole’ which puts them out of phase – both are popular choices with highly diffused sound.

The LSA1OW shares the same mid-bass driver as the LSA1 monitors, so voices and instruments come across dynamically, and with a very natural tonality. You can expect the same level of build quality and gorgeous finish that is consistent with the speakers that have come before it.

Use two or four of them as surround speakers in your home theater. Use a pair of them in ‘Front’ mode on your front wall, flanking your flat screen TV. Also, its shallow footprint will allow you to place the LSA1OW on narrow shelves where other monitors cannot go.

Only 4 sets left in black. Rosewood is sold out.

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