PS AudioNPC-Nuwave Phono ConverternewPS Audio NPC-Nuwave Phono Converter SAVE $900.00-Phono stage with A to D converterAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal.PS is closing out the NuWave Phono Converter. While Supply lasts get a New black or silver unit for only $999.00 delivered. Save $900...999.00

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PS Audio NPC-Nuwave Phono Converter SAVE $900.00-Phono stage with A to D converter [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal.

PS is closing out the NuWave Phono Converter. While Supply lasts get a New black or silver unit for only $999.00 delivered. Save $900.00.

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The PS Audio NuWave phono converter is a unique product that combines a very high quality phono stage with a reference grade A to D converter. The A to D will convert all phono and hi level inputs to digital in 24.96k, 24.192k as well as double DSD for playback thru a DAC or off your computer. The phono stage is a major upgrade from the GCPH that received excellent reviews. It is the best phono stage that PS knows how to build. The phono stage is superb and would be worth the entire $1899.00 retail price without the digital section. The A to D is professional class and competes with hi end A to D converters in the $1500-$2000.00 price range.

Now get it at a clearance price of only $999.00

Info from the PS website is: PS Audio’s NuWave Phono Converter, NPC, is a new category for the High End that combines a state-of-the-art phono preamplifier and analog DSD/PCM converter together in a world’s first. This is high resolution audio at its best. The NPC is a no-compromise approach to vinyl and analog reproduction in a high end audio system. The NPC accepts inputs from any analog source from tuners to turntables. This means users can input anything from an iPod to a $100,000 turntable setup, connecting the output of the NPC directly to a DAC, computer or preamplifier. Once connected you can play vinyl discs or any analog source either directly into your preamplifier, through the NPC’s analog outputs, or DAC through the NPC’s multiple asynchronous digital outputs. You can also connect the NPC to your computer and RIP (record) to your heart’s content in either double DSD or 192kHz 24 bit PCM. This is the device you need if you’re going to build a library. The NPC produces both DSD and PCM from its digital outputs and high resolution fully balanced analog from its audio outputs.
Use the NPC as the vinyl heart of your purely analog setup or digital setup. Either way, albums and analog sources of all types come alive with the NuWave Phono Converter.

High resolution balanced or single ended analog outputs
High resolution asynchronous DSD and PCM outputs
1 stereo analog input from any source such as a tuner
1 stereo phono input
Accepts low output moving coil cartridges (0.3mv)
Moving magnet cartridges
Passive RIAA curve Resistive cartridge load selector
Mono or stereo select
100% pure analog path for the phono stage
Gain select from the front panel
Asynchronous digital output to 192kHz 24 bit
Asynchronous DSD output at 64X and 128X
Polarity invert function
XLR, RCA analog outputs
S/PDIF, I2S, USB digital outputs
80kHz bandwidth on A/D Converter
Incoming A/D sample rate 352.8kHz DoP protocols for DSD
Massive power supply
Front panel OLED display
RIP to either Mac or PC in DSD or PCM
Build a library of your vinyl, tape or from radio broadcasts
Record live events or even studio work without compromise
Play live into any DAC with DSD or PCM

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