Daedalus AudioArgos V2usedDaedalus Audio Argos V2 solid hardwood full rangeA true music lovers speaker here… I am reluctantly selling my beloved Daedalus Argos V2 speakers. If you go to audio shows, then Daedalus Audio is not new to you and you most likely know what you a...7900.00

Daedalus Audio Argos V2 solid hardwood full range [Expired]

no longer for sale

A true music lovers speaker here… I am reluctantly selling my beloved Daedalus Argos V2 speakers. If you go to audio shows, then Daedalus Audio is not new to you and you most likely know what you are looking at.

Lou Hinkley’s beautiful solid hardwood handcrafted creations are known to many to be a room to visit if you want to have a supremely emotionally connected and musical experience. They have a certain "human” quality that many hi-end speakers seem to not be able to capture. The realistic timber of Daedalus speakers is in a class of very few. Add to that, their world class build and craftsmanship and you have a truly heirloom pair of speakers. The wood grain, beautifully natural darkened solid cherry, fine-furniture grade perfect dovetail joints are simply amazing to see in person.

The Argos V2 was Lou's most popular model, dethroning the mighty Ulysses for that title. Its size and ease of placement lend it to being more versatile in different environments, yet compromising nothing. I owned the Ulysses before these and went with the Argos for these very reasons. A couple other points of interest is the sculpted and tilted front baffle and ‘built-in’ slab base into the bottom of the speakers (Ulysses sit on an external slab).

Heres a review that describes the Argos V2 way better than I could and hits the nail right on the head: http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/432-daedalus-audio-argos-v-2-loudspeakers 

Lots of great details to be had in this review. And quoted from the review and Daedalus website: "In terms of detail, speed, dynamic range, openness, and extension at the frequency extremes, the Daedalus won the day. And the way the Argos V2s handled voices and acoustic piano had me coming back for listen after listen, pulling out favorite after favorite to rediscover.”

Rarely, if ever, shown up on the used market, the sale includes the custom built outrigger bars & spikes, grills and updated compression trim rings on the bass drivers. I also have an 8ft pair of the Daedalus speaker cables that so many Daedalus owners use, and for good reason. There is obviously a certain synergy between the cables and speakers.

I am conservatively rating these an 8/10, there are no scratches in the wood that I can find and no pulls or tears on the grills. They work perfectly, sound incredible and are very well taken care of… Another plus to owning Daedalus speakers is Lou has offered updates to all owners, when he discovers better driver or better crossover implementation. All at very fair and affordable prices and each update has been a real and tangible uptick in performance.

I love these speakers. They're a rich and full beautiful sound with an amazing level of realism…but I must sell. I have tried to get the best pics I can with extra lighting, in my not well lit listening room but also added a few pics from a better room. I can always try for more or anything specific, if asked.

Price new w/ outriggers, grills and trim rings is over $15k. Offered here for $7900, plus exact shipping cost to your area. Cashiers check preferred payment but PayPal is fine at buyers expense.

High Frequency (X 2)---------------------1" Eton Dome tweeters offset angle

Mid-range (X 1)---------------------------5" custom modified Fostex full range loudspeaker

Low Frequency (X 2)---------------------8" Daedalus Audio Dynamic Loudspeaker

Frequency Response--------------------28 to 24kHZ

Sensitivity---------------------------------97.5 db 1w/1m

Continuous Power Rating---------------350 watts (peak power 600 watts +)
recommended power 5- 300 watts

Impedance--------------------------------6 ohms
(virtually flat / mates with amps 4-16ohms)

Tweeter Switch-------------------------0db / +0.5db / - 0.5db

Enclosure Type-----------------------Tuned Port Aperiodic Vent (Rear)

Enclosure Material-------------------Solid Hardwood with Dovetail Joints
1 1/4" thick Baltic Birch & Solid Walnut baffle & back bracing material - eastern white maple

Cabinet Finish-------------------------Hand-rubbed Oil Varnish Finish

Cardas Binding Posts---------------Proprietary hand braided internal wiring

Dimensions (H"xW"xD")------------46.5" x 11" x 16"

Weight ----------------------------------Approx. 101 lbs. each

Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

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