LinnKeltiks and 3 LinnusedLinn Keltiks and 3 Linn Klout amplifiers - Last reductionUp for sale is a pair of Linn Keltik speakers in the black ash finish, and 3 Linn Klout amplifiers. These were traded in from the original owner who purchased the system new from us. Each Klout a...2995.00

Linn Keltiks and 3 Linn Klout amplifiers - Last reduction [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale is a pair of Linn Keltik speakers in the black ash finish, and 3 Linn Klout amplifiers.  These were traded in from the original owner who purchased the system new from us.  Each Klout amp has the Aktiv Keltik crossover cards installed, and 4 long runs of Linn K400 speaker cable are included in the deal.  The speaker grilles are in decent shape with no holes; the O-rings that secure the grilles look like they won't survive being taken on and off too many more times. The speakers and amplifiers all function as they should (and sound fantastic!).  
So, by now you're probably thinking that this would be a good deal for the 3 Klouts by themselves, and you'd be right.  Why so cheap?  For one, we don't have boxes for any of the equipment, so it's going to have to be a local pickup.  For another, we had been holding the system for several months for a customer who decided to go another way, so the gear has taking up space in the showroom for too long and I'm running out of room!   
I'm not willing to sell the pieces individually, and at this price I won't be responding to lower offers.  If you intend to use or re-sell the Klouts individually, I am willing to remove the Aktiv cards which will restore each amp to normal full-range operation.  I'll pack up and send the Aktiv cards along though, because they should stay with the Keltiks.

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