Contrast AudioModel One AS3 ReferencenewContrast Audio Model One AS3 Reference - hand-crafted in Kiev top to bottomContrast Audio’s Model One AS3 Reference owes many features to the larger model - the Black Moon. Its’ high efficiency, linear impedance behavior and minimal phase-shifting are equally suited for c...2290.00

Contrast Audio Model One AS3 Reference - hand-crafted in Kiev top to bottom [Expired]

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Contrast Audio’s Model One AS3 Reference owes many features to the larger model - the Black Moon. Its’ high efficiency, linear impedance behavior and minimal phase-shifting are equally suited for combination with single-ended triode, as well as transistor amplification.

The Model One AS3 Reference Pro speaker is designed as a 2-way bass reflex bookshelf speaker system, with the port on the back panel.

Drive Unit complement: one 1" tweeter, one 5.5" mid-range/bass
Power Handling: 80 watt
Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity (11M): 92 dB
Frequency Range (± 3db): 36 Hz - 20 000 Hz
Terminal: spades and bananas, single-wire
Dimensions (H x W x D): 14 x 8 x 12 inch (350x200x300 mm)
Weight (per piece): 20 lbs (9 kg)
Standard colours: Black, Red, White and Chameleon high-gloss piano finish.
Price (pair): US$ 2,290.-

The drivers are made entirely from natural materials such as paper cone, paper reel, silk suspension, wooden phase plugs, silk tweeters... which makes Contrast Audio loudspeakers very natural, dynamic and realistic-sounding and a joy to listen to.

Sid Vootla,, Nov. 2013:
"...the As3-Refs imbued singers with a sense of poise and authenticity in which nuances and emotions were conveyed with a truthfulness uncommon in speakers costing $2000/pair..."

"...another strength was their skillful handling of midrange information. Their sound in this critical region of the audioband was warm and resolving, with the right amount of balance to engross the listener. Furthermore, the As3-Refs imaged exceptionally well while throwing an expansive soundstage..."

"...their low power requirement and ease of drivability enhance their attractiveness, and will appeal immensely to aficionados of low-powered, tubed amplifiers... and Contrast Audio’s impeccable craftsmanship and topnotch finish quality will likely ensure that, quite soon, their name will be familiar to audio enthusiasts everywhere..."

"...the truth is that I am surprised with the quality of the sound they have and with the original design. It's a wonderful sound! I hope to enjoy them for a long time. Congratulations..."

"...these are better than good. I am amazed at the amount of detail presented in a relaxed manner. They are such a finesse speakers..."

"...they are by far the best speakers in the $2000 range I have owned or heard. More of a direct drive approach that sounds so real it is scary. The information that you hear through the tweeter is the best I have heard. Easy to drive and set up. You hear the layers and texture of the music. I have never heard a speaker handle cymbals like these…"

"...detailed but relaxed and everything sounds so real. I am hearing musical passages and instruments that I have not heard before. My amp is a LM Audio Mini 218 EL 84 3 WPC integrated..."

We are proud to bring these new exciting loudspeakers to North America. Not only is the performance of Contrast Audio’s loudspeakers great, but the price is also exceptionally affordable - only possible because we’re cutting out the dealer network. These prices are Importer Direct Prices !

Colors may be selected on an individual basis (on request and special order), giving everyone the flexibility to match the color of their own Contrast loudspeakers to their home environment and other HiFi components.

Contrast Audio is a company from Kiev, manufacturing its own highly linear drivers and speaker systems of the highest sound quality. This high sound quality is created by use of Contrast Audio’s special design. Cabinets, drivers and crossovers are all hand-made - design, construction, assembly and high-quality piano lacquer finish is built to very high standard.

Contrast Audio follows a very different approach. Instead of a crossover network - like most loudspeaker systems - Contrast Audio uses only first-order filtering (Mundorf capacitors only). This is possible because of their own design of high-linear drivers. High sensitivity is achieved by the absence of a massive filtration system, with minimal distortion of the signal.

As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.

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