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Lyngdorf Audio TDAI 2170 Great Sound in All Rooms even difficult Rooms [Expired]

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In the near future Lyngdorf will not allow any one to advertise on Agon, ebay or Amazon or any other online source, be sure to save this add and my contact information if this is something you are thinking about for a future purchase.  I will take great care of you.
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  2. If your listening room has adobe walls and would like to get great sound with out needing room treatment all over the walls, talk to me about the Lyngdorf TDAI 2170!

The TDAI 2170 with Room Perfect solves the most difficult problem in stereo reproduction which is your room. Until you compensate for your Room your system isn't doing everything you can hear! Named 2015’s “Best Digital Integrated Amplifier with Room Correction,” the TDAI-2170 has been a favorite of Secrets since catching the attention of the publication’s reviewer Robert Ebeling last February. Ebeling wrote:
  “Fundamentally different from traditional Class D amplifiers, the sleek TDAI-2170 produces a sound so clean, so neutral, so devoid of any sonic signature, it disappears completely and restores the emotional response that made me fall in love with music to begin with.”
The TDAI 2170 sounds real, sounds great and has a great price for all that you get. I am using the TDAI 2170 in my system and I used it to replace a great $6K DAC, a great $9K Preamp and $9K power amp.
Using the TDAI 2170 without turning on it's room correction it will still sound better than any electronics at anywhere near its price.  Of course if you have anything like conventional speakers with woofers in a cabinet the room correction will make the bass sound the best it can.
The TDAI 2170 comes with the best room correction software imaginable.  Room Perfect fixes the bass in your room at  the listening position, i.e. focus position or everywhere i.e. global.  There are up to 8 focus positions that can be set
When I say it fixes the bass I mean working with the limits of your speakers and it's power the TDAI 2170 will provide the best bass response possible from your speakers. The TDAI 2170 also has a electronic crossover network built in so you can either provide a bigger amplifier for your woofers if needed or provide subwoofers and the 2170 will combine them perfectly.
If your speakers sit in the corners or along the back wall of your listening room, room perfect will work with your speakers and provide as close to perfect impulse response which will give you proper phase and nearly perfect bass.
There are other room correction products out there and I said that Room Perfect was the best and what I mean by best is that it doesn't try to make all speakers sound the same, Room Perfect analyzes your speakers in your room and determines your speakers anechoic frequency response charecteristics and maintains those characteristics for the mids and highs.  That allows your speakers to keep thier natural sound in your listening room and still provide the best bass they are capable of regardless of your rooms natural acoustics.
Other systems shoot for a flat frequency response which often changes the way your speakers sound so much that you will prefer their sound uncorrected on those systems.
The TDAI 2170 is a true digital amplifier with built in DAC and it also has analog inputs.
The highs on this amplifier are second to none as is the imaging with room perfect.
The 2170 is simple to set up and gets great results.

As you probably know there is a perception that tube preamps and power amps sound more musical than their solid state counterparts.  The Sound of the all digital Lyngdorf amplifier easily surpasses the sound of traditional tube or solid state amplifiers. You don't have to take my word for it, stop by my listening room in Castle Rock Co for a listening session, it won't take yo long to hear the music and the way the Lyngdorf allows everything to sound better.
Please contact me with questions or when you are ready to place your order. my email is [email protected] my phone is 720 308 4000 I'm Neal Van Berg   
Oh yes the power output is 85 watts at 8 ohms and 170 at 4 ohms. At this price you get the fabulous USB input that will play DSD files or PCM. HDMI inputs and output as well as the upgraded Analog input. 
I recently had the opportunity to use my Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 with a pair Klipsch Cornwall Speakers.  The transformation was amazing, they went from sounding like old horn speakers to something modern, no honk and very revealing.
If you have a single driver speaker the TDAI 2170 will enhance what it does right and fix what it doesn't do so right.
I can easily power my King Sound full range King speakers with the TDAI 2170.     

Hi Neal,


After a couple of month of break-in and adjustment I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the combination of the M7 and bi-amped Lyngdorfs. 


As you know, I  have owned my Music Vault M7 (Tokyo Limited Edition!) for the past 3 years and my original system consisted of an MSB platinum dac, Wyetech Pearl tube-pre, WRAD 300 tube amp and Revel Ultima Studio speakers.  Based upon our discussions I made the change to an all-digital system; not without some trepidation.   I am pleased to report that (as promised), the Lyngdorf amps (2400 & 2170) perform flawlessly and I am very satisfied with the results!  At the same time I made the amp change I upgraded to Revel Salon 2’s which are perfectly suited. 


Musicality, articulation, detail, presence – these words best describe my new (and significantly improved) listening experience  Thanks as usual for your excellent support and advice.


Best regards,



Thought I would like to share what I've experienced today. I'm not typically a sharing type of person but this was extraordinary in my experience. We spoke a couple hours ago. I mentioned I had been listening to Rick Braun. I am a former trumpet player. I had a small band when I was younger (61 now). Rick is hands down the best trumpet player in the world in my opinion. I've seen him and his group live twice in jazz clubs and once in a small auditorium.
In evaluating audio equipment and in this case the TDAI-2170, I first am analytical in nature and thought it very good. I switched back and forth between my current dac, preamp, & amps and the TDAI several times with different music, both redbook and SACD. I finally decided it was a "keeper" and just kicked back and listened. I had just listened to Rick's album "Intimate Secrets" when I spoke with you. Afterwards I had an experience I have heard of but not experienced myself before today. I continued on with Rick's albums, "Night Walk" & "Beat Street." I cannot say it was exactly like in the jazz club with him, but I think perhaps as close as one can get with a stereo system. I am truly amazed. My speakers COMPLETELY  disappeared. I have never experienced this before. The sound (music!) was so LARGE. There was a wall of music before me extending from between my speakers to outside my walls. Detailed, articulate, and NATURAL sounding! To me it simply sounded real, which is the highest complement I could give.
I have been looking for the ultimate system I can afford for a couple of years now. I have the speakers I want and have been researching DACs. I have known there are components out there that are "giant" killers and are affordable. Due to the hype around this industry, I refuse to buy any component I cannot try for myself first. Thank you for making this evaluation a reality. I am truly stunned by what I've experienced tonight. I look forward to receiving my own TDAI-2170.
Thanks, C. Michael Rabe 
Check out this review.

The TDAI 2170 is everything these owners are describing and I am happy to help you get and optimize yours.
Call or email Neal Van Berg at 720 308 4000 or [email protected]   Our new store is at 208 C Paseo Del Canon E. Taos NM 87571, we are still remodeling so call before stopping by for a visit this January

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