AllnicPURITASnewAllnic PURITAS new in box WITH WARRANTYLiquidating some of the final treasures from our store The Audio Gallery. These include creme de la creme products from Allnic, Shun Mook, Argento... OFFERING: (1) Allnic PURITAS cartridge (NEW ...1995.00

Allnic PURITAS new in box WITH WARRANTY [Expired]

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Liquidating some of the final treasures from our store The Audio Gallery. These include creme de la creme products from Allnic, Shun Mook, Argento... 
From the former World Distributor - Hammertone Audio:  Allnic Puritas, the Benchmark.  Mr Kang Su Park can only make two of these a day!   PRINCIPAL FEATURES OF THE PURITAS Many cartridge manufacturers boast of using special materials, good tips and solid bodies, etc, and not of their superior conception, that is, of the rationale for their cartridges’ design and construction. STRUCTURE MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE First, every LP record master is engraved using an LP cutting lathe's cutter head. The Puritas moving coil (MC) cartridge is designed to reproduce music via a mechanism that emulates the LP cutting lathe's cutter head, of course, however, with a diamondstylus that tracks the record grooves’ faces, rather than with a diamond chisel for cutting the grooves into the vinyl. Third, iron is about nine times heavier than poly carbonate, so a conventional iron bobbin reacts with far less agility to the musical grooves of a vinyl record than one made of hollow polycarbonate. Fourth, as a cantilever moves along the vinyl’s grooves, it needs a pivot. Conventional MC cartridges’ coils are located near the pivot because of their heavy moving mass. Because of its lighter moving mass, relative to conventional MC cartridges, the Allnic Puritas’s coils are nearer to the diamond stylus. The result for the Puritas is increased coil vibration capability and, therefore, more detailed audio reproduction. The Puritas’ cantilever’s length meets the same specification as for a cutting head.    The Puritas also features a: solid ebony body solid boron cantilever zinc mounting plate MicroRidge stylus  
SPECS:  Output 0.34mV  Impedance 18 ohms    Compliance 7   Tracking force 2.05-2.15 grams   Channel Seperation 28dB above Channel Balance Within 0.2dB   Frequency Response 20Hz- 30KHz   Cantilever Boron with Micro ridge stylus   Weight 11 Grams   Ebony body, Zinc fastening plate  
The Allnic products are each made with so much love and care. Please see the wonderful review from Jack Roberts at :   I am also selling the superb Allnic H3000V (with adjustable RIAA) and Allnic H3000 Nuvistor Head amp.Please see my other ads which are the perfect match with the PURITAS! This cartridge is new in the box and filled with the good vibrations of KS Park. It has a full manufacturer's warranty in the USA. I am including 2nd day shipping in the continental USA with purchase at asking price.    Thanks for looking and thanks for buying. I truly appreciate your business!
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