Musical FidelityM-3iusedMusical Fidelity M-3iFrom the Musical Fidelity website: “The M3i integrated amplifier takes our peerless premium-amp experience and applies it to a more affordable price point. It boasts trickle-down technology from o...500.00

Musical Fidelity M-3i [Expired]

no longer for sale

From the Musical Fidelity website: “The M3i integrated amplifier takes our peerless premium-amp experience and applies it to a more affordable price point.  It boasts trickle-down technology from our mighty Titan flagship, plus other high-end touches such as solid metal controls.  


The M3i delivers 76 watts per channel into 8ohms and 137 watts into 4ohms. This means the M3i will can drive a wide range of speakers, even power-hungry models.  Further flexibility is provided by the M3i's excellent connectivity, which includes six line-level inputs and switchable home-theatre throughput.  It features a Class A preamp stage with its own, independent power supply, coupled with a discrete pair of power amps. In effect, this means the M3i offers the performance benefits of a pre/power configuration with the compact convenience of a one-box design.


The final word goes to The Absolute Sound, whose review of the M3i stated: "Its performance is rock-solid, it's sonically well-rounded and it's comfortable with a wide array of speakers. And it's all served up in an elegant, no-nonsense package".”


All of the original accessories: felt protection bag, white gloves, manual, remote & power cable are included.  It will be packed & shipped in the original double-wall carton with the original packing materials.


Due to its robust construction this integrated amp is heavier than one would expect at approx. 25 pounds.  Boxed for shipping, it weighs 30 pounds.  Shipping & handling will be calculated by the Audiogon shipping calculator & I will only charge you that amount, nothing more/nothing less. I will ship either UPS or FedEx, but I prefer UPS.  Due to multiple prior negative experiences, I will NOT ship it USPS.  If you wish to save on S&H & live in central Arkansas or are willing to drive to here, we could certainly make arrangements to meet so you can pick them up.  However, if you win the auction, let me know immediately that you wish to arrange such an exchange so that I do not inadvertently invoice you with S&H included.




I ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENT THROUGH PayPal or Audiogon Express Pay.


The item is being sold with a 7 day warranty, as per Audiogon policy. If the item is DOA or defective, please contact me through Audiogon so that we can negotiate a resolution prior to leaving negative feedback.  


I usually have multiple pieces of audio equipment up for auction on Audiogon.  Please check to see my other items.
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