Lumen WhiteSilver FlameusedLumenWhite - Silver Flame -  full range loudspeakerLumenWhite - Silver Flame - One of the top 5 loudspeakers all the time.Fabulous, awesome clarity and sound staging. Amazing design.Like Kharmas but less sweet.Best to be driven by tubes. DNA Th...12900.00

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LumenWhite - Silver Flame - full range loudspeaker [Expired]

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LumenWhite - Silver Flame -   

One of the top 5 loudspeakers all the time.
Fabulous, awesome clarity and sound staging. Amazing design.
Like Kharmas but less sweet.
Best to be driven by tubes.

DNA Three way, five driver ultra precision monitor.





DRIVER ARRAY Inverted ceramic dome 1 x 1" tweeter, 1 x 5.5" midrange, 3 x 7" woofers.

CABINET Resonance optimized compound construction, no internal damping.

TERMINALS & WIRING SIngle wire, tonewood, premium WBT, and Shunyata Research hardware.

FINISHES High gloss Piano Black 

DIMENSIONS HxWxD 1150mm x 290mm x 640mm (each)  46" x 12" x 25" (each)

WEIGHT NETTO 52kg (each)  115lbs (each)

One owner. Lightly used. 

The speakers have been kept in a dedicated sound room which is temperature and humidity regulated year round.

Buyer pays shipping costs, insurance if desired, and any customs duties and import taxes and fees levied by the buyer's country of residence. 

High quality ceramic drivers are renowned for their transparency but what happens when combined with instrument-grade cabinets that eschew conventional internal damping?
The multi-award winning Lumen White Silver Flame full-range monitors present music with electrostatic-like clarity without sacrificing impact and scale. The finest nuances of the recording, often masked by internal damping in conventional designs, are unveiled by the Silver Flame with the artists' emotion and true meaning intact. A musical performer that satisfies the cerebral and emotional listener.
High-quality componentry upstream is a necessity as Lumen White designs will reveal your recordings and system balance with an honesty that has few peers.