Micro-Acoustics2002-eusedMicro-Acoustics 2002-e Stereo Cartridge.Here is a low use Micro-Acoustics 2002-e Direct-coupled stereo phono cartridge with elliptical stylus and beryllium cantilever. It is in very good condition. Has only about 40 to 60 hours of use.Fe...150.00

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Micro-Acoustics 2002-e Stereo Cartridge. [Expired]

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Here is a low use Micro-Acoustics 2002-e Direct-coupled stereo phono cartridge with elliptical stylus and beryllium cantilever. It is in very good condition. Has only about 40 to 60 hours of use.

Features of the 2002-e Cartridge:

● Low Mass. The low cartridge weight of 4.0 grams is possible because of the lightweight electret transducer. Low mass allows the cartridge-tonearm system to track warped and eccentric records without warp or flutter.
● Pure-gold connecting wires for reliability and low loss.
● Mechanical dampers. The cartridge mechanical system is precisely controlled by a configuration of 8 damping blocks. This critical damping system achieves optimum transient response, while allowing the 2002-e to track the heaviest groove modulations at 1 gram or less.
● Retainer ring assures precise, positive positioning when the stylus assembly is inserted into the cartridge body.
● Elliptical diamond stylus. The playback stylus is shaped and polished with the same care as the world-famous Micro-Point recording styli.
● Beryllium stylus bar. Beryllium is the ideal stylus-bar material. It is 36% lighter than aluminum. By reducing the mass of the moving system, high-frequency transient and tracking ability are significantly improved.
● Dual bearings and resolver for optimum tracking ability and precise signal resolution. The resolver separates the complex stylus vibrations into left and right channels. A "perfect" pivot, it is balanced by two elastomeric bearings.
● Direct coupling of stylus bar to electret. Coupling the stylus bar to the electrets at this point directly transmits the undulations of the groove to the transducers. This unique method of lossless coupling provides virtually perfect transient ability.
● User-replaceable stylus assembly.
● Electret transducer. A permanently polarized dielectric device best described as a low-mass electro-static equivalent of a magnet, it provides superior response because of inherent linearity from 5Hz to 50kHz.
● Micro-circuit. Passive circuit matches the electret transducer's characteristics to preamplifier phono inputs within 1%. Also makes cartridge output purely resistive, eliminating the effect of cable capacitance on frequency response. Resistive output also shunts preamp input, reducing thermal noise.

The Micro-Acoustics 2002-e is a low-mass phonograph cartridge, electret transducers which are directly coupled to the stylus assembly by means of a unique resolver mechanism. Essentially a perfect pivot, the resolver mechanism transmits stylus-bar vibrations initiated by the record groove to the transducers with virtually no error or loss, and resolves them into two 45/45 degree signals.

The electret transducer is a near-perfect device for transforming mechanical vibrations into corresponding electrical signals. A permanently polarized dielectric devise, it does not require an external voltage source. When the electret is deflected by the resolver, a voltage develops which is the exact analog of the mechanical vibrations coupled from the groove by the stylus bar and the resolver. The electret's resonance is well above the audio range (60kHz), and is critically clamped by means of special internal damping blocks.

The outputs of the electrets are fed into the two channels of a passive integrated circuit, which provides a purely resistive 4,000-ohm output at 3.5 millivolt level.

All critical parts are fabricated by Micro-Acoustics at their own plant. After initial assembly of the cartridge, it is placed in a precision alignment fixture, under a high power comparator. Here, minute internal adjustments are made so that the mechanical relationships within the cartridge correspond precisely to the ideal design parameters. Each cartridge is tested for frequency response, sensitivity, channel separation, tracking force and distortion. Only then is the cartridge placed into stock for shipment.

The 2002-e was made during the pinnacle age of phono cartridge design and manufacturing and thus represents the best of its time. If you are a collector of preeminent cartridges or just love to own and enjoy the best, this could be your last chance to own a New Old Stock, Never Used, and Complete 2002-e package.

2002-e Specifications
- Stylus Configuration: .0002 x .0007 elliptical diamond
- Frequency Response: 5 ~ 20kHz +/- 1.5dB
- Tracking Force Range: 0.7 - 1.4 grams
- Cartridge Weight: 4 grams
- Channel Separation: Nominally 30dB at 1kHz, 15dB at 10kHz
- Output voltage: 3.5 mV each channel at 5 cm/sec. peak recorded velocity
- Load Requirements: 10k to 100k (not critical)
- Cable Capacity: 100pF tp 1,500pF (not critical)

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