PS AudioDirectStream JuniornewPS Audio DirectStream Junior 20X DSD decoding with full MQA and ROON capableAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPalNow, full MQA, Tidal (including Masters), and Roon ready. Free Freight in the lower 48 states I have a perfect trade-...3999.00

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PS Audio DirectStream Junior 20X DSD decoding with full MQA and ROON capable [Expired]

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     Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal

Now, full MQA, Tidal (including Masters), and Roon ready.

                Free Freight in the lower 48 states

    I have a perfect trade-in Silver DAC available. Call to discuss pricing.

                       This is our favorite DAC at near its price.

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The Direct Stream Junior DAC builds on the same architecture awarded the DSD DAC as Product of the Year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock-Out award, Editors’ Choice and Golden Ear awards. With the new Huron software it outperforms the original DSD DAC and is only surpassed by the current state of the art DSD DAC with Huron. DSJ is a pure DSD Digital to Analog Converter uncovering all the missing information long hidden in your audio library, from both PCM and DSD sources. CD’s, high-resolution PCM, or DSD based media, are expertly upsampled to ten times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. DSJ is one of the few, true, fully analog DSD devices, that’s setting the industry on its ear and reshaping the landscape of music and high end audio. Now, full MQA, Tidal (including Masters), and Roon ready.

DSJ uses the same FPGA architecture and customized code as PS Audio’s top of the line DirectStream DAC, and it is designed and built by the exact same team. The idea behind the DSJ was to offer 90% performance at a fraction of the cost. How was this accomplished? Lower cost chassis and user interface.

Pure 100% single bit DSD based D to A Converter

Passive/active output stage

Resolution perfect volume and balance controls

Simple, direct signal path with only one master clock

Asynchronous high speed USB and Network access

Polarity inversion

Play directly into your power amplifier or preamplifier

Converting PCM to DSD

Converting PCM to DSD can be an easy exercise using any number of computer software programs. Converting PCM to DSD properly, and in such a way as to reveal missing details in the music, is a serious technical challenge. To handle this properly DSJ utilizes 66-bit fixed-point FIR filters, eliminates headroom issues common to PCM, flattens noise response in the 20-100kHz region, uses coefficients optimized for best sound rather than faster processing speed and optimizes hardware-specific operations not possible in software. Unlike other processors available today, DSJ unifies all inputs (PCM or DSD) at 10x DSD, then uses a true single-bit double-rate DSD core engine. True DSD core engines (compared to the standard multi-bit Sigma-Delta converters followed by random lower quality multi-bit converters) offer advantages in simplicity, linearity, and in analog-like overload characteristics that avoid PCM’s hard clipping� potential and a PCM processor’s propensity to mask subtle details.

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