Audiophile RocksWhite Night Perfect Power 2m EU Schuko + Paradise BallusedAudiophile Rocks White Night Perfect Power 2m EU Schuko + Paradise BallHandcrafted by the top 100 geniuses in the world. Auction is for Holy Paradise Ball + White Night Perfect Power 2m that is 2 meters long with EUROPEAN Schuko style connector. Only one of this Perfe...37.00

Audiophile Rocks White Night Perfect Power 2m EU Schuko + Paradise Ball [Expired]

no longer for sale

Handcrafted by the top 100 geniuses in the world. Auction is for Holy Paradise Ball + White Night Perfect Power 2m that is 2 meters long with EUROPEAN Schuko style connector. Only one of this Perfect version has ever been built and I have used it in my own system with amazing results.

The Holy Paradise Ball is a tiny ball that beat our previous bigger tweaks because it was fine-tuned for perfect synergy and used the improved H2U2 Crystal Formula. Larger balls didn't give as good sound as this little ball, this ball is perfection!

Installation (Holy Paradise Ball)
Simply place it anywhere on top of the chassis of the equipment.

The White Night Perfect Power cable is the perfected model over the biggest seller "White Night Ultra" from our previous Coconut-Audio company. We used the same materials for the Perfect model but removed unnecessary materials that hurt sound quality. The outer plastic barrels of the Furutech connectors were removed and replaced with white wood using multiple thin layers which was very time consuming but gave a very strong joint. The tech-flex sleeving was removed as well and any tape that held it together. This also minimized the amount of wood needed around the joint which improves sound quality. This Perfect model gives greater detail, smoothness, layering and a blacker background over the standard model.

Installation Power cable
Bend the cable into shape before plugging it in, this avoids tension of the connectors.


Review (By Cheez)

I received a White Night Power Ultra 2M cable from Coconut-Audio to upgrade my old White Night Power 2M Natural Edition for my right amplified Focal speaker. This was a brand new cable, not burned-in. In the first week it sounded a little rough, although I noticed more high frequency details over the previous Natural Edition I was running. In the second week it has gotten worse, there was distortion in the music that appears more easily. It seemed to occur in the lower frequency region. I also had a bit of distortion in the high frequencies but that was due to the lack of humidity in the room as these cables with regular airy white tree fibers are more susceptible to it. The humidity level has been restored using humidifier and it took care of the distortion in the higher frequency range. The roughness and distortion in the lower frequencies remained, this is not only because the cable wasn't broken-in, but also the "warm-up" of the amplifier / circuitry in the speaker has been lost due to changing out the power cables. It has to go through warm-up process on that amplifier again to regain full effect of the sound performance. After 3 weeks the roughness has been minimized and is turning smoother on the sound. It is direct, fast, very detailed, and spacious. Treble has extended with more openness and sounds clearer. There is more information in the treble region, more micro details I am hearing now than from the old cable I had used. The old cable (White Night Power 2M Natural) sounded great, very detailed, foreground detail pop and sparks were great, but is a bit muddy in comparison to the Ultra edition. There is noticeable difference. I wasn't able to tell the difference at first because of the burn-in of the cable and warm-up process of the amplifier they had to go through. The Ultra cable also sounds more naked, giving you the feeling of the coolness and clear breeze. The low frequency response is also great, I didn't notice any lack of detail and texture in the base region. The bass is tight, fast, and very articulated. The 2M Ultra cable needs at least 1 month to break-in, and I mean by leaving the power on 24/7 on the amplifier with cable connected. The longer you leave it running the better it gets. I foresee that the sound will continue to improve months later.

For another comparison, my left amplified Focal speaker has been connected with the old White Night Power 5M Natural Edition cable for over a year now. That cable has liquid smooth deep crystal clear sounds with greater depth. I love that cable, always have. This cable is thick, weighs a ton, and is 5 meters long. It has strength in bass also, large and deep silky, liquid smooth textured bass. The 2M Ultra cable beats the 5M Natural in the high frequency details and openness / airiness. There is better foreground detail / pop. The sparks in the high frequency is amazing. But it is a bit weak in the depthness and smoothness in the lower frequency range that the 5M Natural has. I think both cables "team up" or another word "synergize" very well because one provides something that other one doesn't have. They make up for each other.

The 2M Ultra cable has great value for the performance. The retail price for this if I remember was $2500. $600 for this Ultra cable is just wrong. That's how much the 2M Natural Edition cable used to cost back in the days. The Ultra 2M cable can be used on any component including amps, but I believe it is more geared for the source. Any way you go, you will get great improvement in sound. This cable is just too underpriced. Highly recommended.

Shipping is done via First Class Airmail and takes approximately 1 week inside Europe and 1-5 weeks worldwide. I recommend you buy before Christmas to avoid any delays.

This auction gives 82 points for Customer of the year awards.
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