Audiophile RocksCrystal Red 9-pack (Hill, Volcano and extra large!)usedAudiophile Rocks Crystal Red 9-pack (Hill Volcano and extra large!)I'm selling a pack of 9 tweaks with Black Quartz Crystals on the surface which gives dramatic improvements over the standard Hill models. 6 of them are Hill shaped, 3 are Volcano shaped. These red ...14.00

Audiophile Rocks Crystal Red 9-pack (Hill Volcano and extra large!) [Expired]

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I'm selling a pack of 9 tweaks with Black Quartz Crystals on the surface which gives dramatic improvements over the standard Hill models. 6 of them are Hill shaped, 3 are Volcano shaped. These red versions give extra bass and warmth compared to our other tweaks. The little Volcano was reviewed by a magazine, the larger Volcano versions give further improvements, especially in bass size! Even though they have a warm sound the details aren't rolled off like you normally get with gold plated cables, the details are sharp and detailed while sounding warm at the same time. I haven't heard anything like this with other brands, this is a special sound that needs to be experienced!
The best placement for these large tweaks is anywhere on top of the amplifier!

All of them has the rare and costly H2U2 Crystal Formula that took 6 years to design. This Pack will give 410 points in "Customer of the year awards". Shipping is done via First Class Airmail for maximum savings to you.

Review by Adventures In High Fidelity Audio

"First up was the Volcano, as Audiophile Rocks state it was the replacement for the Vibradome Blue Star.
The difference the Volcano brought to the track was a wider soundstage, extra clarity to the space and air of the musics acoustic. There was also a greater sense of instruments and Brendan Perry's voice being more dimensional and a greater sense of layering within the music.
These improvements were right the way across the treble, mid-range and bass. I would say there was no tonal change, no shift in focus or spotlighting music was simply appearing to be reproduced with improvements in the areas mentioned.
This wasn't a subtle improvement and yet I did a fair few Volcano on, Volcano off comparisons before I could really accept what I was hearing. In all honesty despite hearing the positive effects the Vibradome Blue star had made to my other system I was still shocked and surprised this item could make such a difference by just sitting on the amps case. Its not heavy enough to damp it and yet it was making a difference and a positive one - frankly I don't know how.
I also tried it on the source but felt that it gave more benefit on the amplifier, but there was an improvement while sitting on the top of the Sony HAPZ1, just not as large a one as there was while on top of the amplifier."

Blind testing
"As with the previous blind listening tests conducted at the time of the Vibradome Blue Star original review I did not tell the experienced listener what I was doing but simply played the same piece of music several times, both on a short comparison and over a slightly longer period of time. I know some favour these sorts of comparisons to be done over longer time periods than I allowed but I was fairly confident that the comparison methodology I adopted would identify differences in presentation, detail retrieval, tonal changes, and general improvements.
With the Volcano the blind listener was able to hear improvements in imaging, clarity and there were also tonal improvements."

Subjective impressions by developer

Below are subjective listening impressions and you may get different results in your audio system.

The famous VibraDome Blue Star had a fresh and liquid clear sound, but the bass was in the background and it was a bit thin. When I switched to Volcano I heard more resolution and heavier bass that contained more texture. It's a lot warmer but also scarier and sharper. The improvement was equally big as when I upgraded my amplifier and DAC.

Now it's time to add a 2nd Volcano into the system. First I placed them beside each other on my Heed Canamp amplifier, there was a further improvement but not as large as the first one. Then I tried stacking two Volcano on top of each other, this tuned the sound to give more oomph in the bass and gave a more powerful sound, but the overall performance was similar. Next I added another piece onto my amplifier, I had 3 Volcano beside each other and got a bigger soundstage. I upgraded it further into 5 Volcano and the soundstage increased in size again while making it smoother and warmer. With 7 Volcano I could hear an echo deep in the soundstage that I couldn't hear before. The Vocals were smoother and had more information in them. The vocals were less "shaky" and not "incomplete" like they were before. With 8 pieces of Volcano I could hear a little more echo that continued forever in the soundstage, the sound quality now approached perfection.
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