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Jolida F159 New Jim Fosgate phono stage [Expired]

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      Ask us about 6 month NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal.

             Tube Phono Stage With Crosstalk Reduction Circuit

      One perfect demo available for $1199.00

Underwood Hifi Inc. is glad to introduce the Jolida F159 phono preamp. The F-159 is the first new product in the Black Ice Audio line. Jolida will be changing their name to Black Ice Audio thru the rest of 2018 as each new product arrives under that brand.

The F159 is a superb phono stage that competes with others selling for double its price. It includes a $350.00 XT-R crosstalk reduction circuit as well as all new Jim Fosgate designed circuitry. It handles moving magnet as well as moving coil cartridges and offers superb performance for the money. They are available in black only per the photo

                                           State of the art Phono stage

Back Story of the F 159: The author of the F159 is Jim Fosgate. Foz’s electronic design experience and excellence spans decades and coupled with Jolida’s decades of manufacturing experience, results in a unit which can provide our customers with a distinct improvement in turntable sound reproduction at an affordable price. In addition the phono pre-amplifier has a Fosgate designed Crosstalk Reduction Circuit (XT-R) which represents a distinctive electronic approach to solving crosstalk caused by a turntable’s cartridge and acoustic problems due to axial tilt. We have placed the name F159 to honor the designer who has built and tested 158 prototypes until finalizing his work in the 159th iteration.

Black Ice’s Audio F159 Phonograph Stage Tube Pre-Amplifier is an example of state-of-the-art vacuum-tube technology as it exists today. This product was designed to provide:

1) a Phono Stage that would deliver musical accuracy 

2) a significant value based on a high performance to price ratio and

3) a vacuum tube unit that would exceed the reliability of solid state units.

The F159 is housed in a heli-arc welded chassis and uses 2 6922/6DJ8 tubes. Parts quality is the best currently available, and the overall circuit layout is maximized for sonic purity. 


Another major feature of the phono stage is the inclusion of the XTR circuit or Cross Talk Reduction circuit. To obtain high performance from a modern phonograph system, the tonearm and pickup cartridge must be properly adjusted to within a few thousands of an inch to minimize the effect of axial tilt. Axial tilt is when the cartridge needle of the turntable is not perpendicular to the record groove. In addition, a low dB channel separation of the cartridge can result in crosstalk. Crosstalk is simply the stereo signal from the left side leaking into the right side, and the stereo signal from the right side leaking into the left side. Jim Fosgate, has designed an elegant electronic circuit to compensate for crosstalk and axial tilt. The XT-R represents a breakthrough since axial tilt and crosstalk is not mitigated thru the traditional method of physical adjustment, the compensation of the XT-R is electronic. The XT-R incorporates signal cancellation to reduce inter channel crosstalk. This is the same technique that is used in high separation surround processors. The XT-R corrects for a misaligned stylus or cantilever, misaligned generator, misaligned tone arm azimuth (axial tilt). It also reduces crosstalk from cross coupling of the generator coils or tone arm wiring. This circuit  works with moving magnet, moving iron, and moving coil cartridges. The XT-R will compensate for up to 7 degrees of axial tilt and can improve channel separation to a maximum of 48 dB. The result will be an improvement in stereo imaging and clarity without any sacrifice in smoothness.

Basic Specifications:
1- Gain @ 1KHZ in low gain position 40DB with 47K input.
2- Gain @ 1KHZ in high gain position 60DB with 47K input.
3- Noise floor in high gain position approx -70 DB with input load set to 10 ohms, noise floor will be lower with gain set in low position.
4- Frequency response with RIAA EQ is Plus/Minus 1/4 DB from 250 HZ to 20KHZ, + 3DB at 20 HZ (Bass Boost)
5- Distortion .05% @ 1 KHZ 1V RMS out.
6- Plate voltages APPROX 90V on input stage, 70V on second stage.
7- The calibrate meters work the same way as the XTR.
8- Rear panel Adjustable loading

Read my #1 rated AudiogoN feedback and then call me at 770-667-5633 with questions or to purchase a unit. [email protected] PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover and MasterCard as well as money orders accepted.
GA & HI residents add sales tax.

Available in 220/240v for international sales.
International sales are paid by bank funds wire transfer.

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