Audio SpaceLine-2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier (New Tubes)usedAudio Space Line-2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier (New Tubes)  (13800)Product: Audio Space Line-2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier (New Tubes)Product SKU: 13800Serial Number: 0703070Voltage: 120VCosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wea...1343.00

Audio Space Line-2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier (New Tubes) (13800) [Expired]

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Product: Audio Space Line-2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier (New Tubes)

Product SKU: 13800

Serial Number: 0703070

Voltage: 120V

Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Excellent condition with minimal visible cosmetic wear including some very light scuffs around the tube sockets, and a scuff on the top-right corner of the left side. This item has some very light wear but still presents like new from your listening position.

What is Included: Preamplifier, Manual, 2 Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes, 2 Golden Lion ECC82 tubes, White gloves, Microfiber cleaning cloth, Power cable, Factory packaging

Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is excellent, fully tested and no issues found.

Age: 1 Year

# of Owners: 1

Tobacco Exposure: No

Service History: None

MSRP: $2495

Other Notes: New, unused tubes included.

"The Line-2 was impressive with its clear yet sweet and musical presentation. It offered a smooth, pitch-accurate presentation with good tonal balance overall - just ever-so-slightly shifted to the warmer side. It wasn't too much to turn music into sonic mush but just enough to add a little midrange juice. Transparency, texture, nuance and sweetness were terrific considering the price. A bit of a sleeper I think. I suspect some folks just might cast this little gem off as yet another Chinese knockoff of dubious origin and reliability. You'll be making a big mistake if you do...Way recommended!" - Paul Candy, 6 Moons

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Reviews:  6 Moons
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