Bybee Power Purifier Bybee AC adapterusedBybee Power Purifier  Bybee AC adapter Adapter AC ConditionerBring Bybee AC Filtering Directly To Your Audio Components Note: This one has been special made with a AC plug on one end and a IEC inlet other end. Thus this cord can be used as a power cord by i...650.00

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Bring Bybee AC Filtering Directly To Your Audio Components Note: This one has been special made with a AC plug on one end and a IEC inlet other end. Thus this cord can be used as a power cord by itself. The total length is over 2 feet long. From the website We have been manufacturing the Tweek Geek Bybee AC adapters for over 4 years, and are excited to offer such an extraordinary product at a more affordable price. There is nothing on the market quite like these adapters. They can literally transform your listening experience into something more immersive, involving, and emotional. Power Conditioning Like Nothing Else. All of the Tweek Geek Bybee Adapters offer power conditioning like no other conditioner on the market. Nothing addresses noise like the Bybee Purifiers do. They do not limit or slow current delivery like transformers can, the do not have the negative effects of capacitors, and they take care of noise that no other electircal device can or does. Pair the Crystal Bybee Purifiers with our proprietary ground filter (which actually works better than having a third Purifier on the ground leg of the AC) and you have a device that will help you realize the full potential of the audio components you own. The Conditioner For Those Who Don't Like Power Conditioning The Tweek Geek Bybee AC adapter is a gorgeous, aluminum end capped carbon fiber tube with a high quality Furutech NCF rhodium copper iec inlet on one end, and a carbon fiber/rhodium copper IEC plug on the other. In between there is a carbon fiber tube that contains the latest Crystal AC Purifiers from Jack Bybee, and a proprietary ground filter. It is designed to go in-between your audio component's power cord and the component. Placing the conditioning elements as close to your audio component as possible. This provides immediate, direct and NON CURRENT LIMITING filtering of your audio component's incoming AC for maximum effectiveness. There are no capacitors, no resistors, nothing to impede the flow of current flowing to the component. A Power Conditioner For Each Component, Right At The Point Of AC Entry Imagine, a power conditioner for each individual component (that benefits from it) in your system. One with no current limitations or additional switches and LED's to add extraneous noise. One that offers the finest, best noise reduction for each individual component in your system. One that allows you to use whatever power cord works best with your system without changing the tone or characteristics of the cord. If you are looking for the best AC filtering for your top performing audio component, you've found it. We challenge you to try it and say we are wrong! In addition, having the power conditioning placed right at the point of AC entry into your component increases the effectivenes and sonic benefits of the conditioning over having it travel through the length of a power cord. Even if you use a power conditioner, chances are it's not filtering the noise that the Bybee AC conditioner is? Construction IEC inlet & plug - The Bybee AC Adapter uses Acme Audio's silver plated cryo iec inlet. It definitely punches above it's price point. The iec plug is sourced from milled copper body, chrome plated with a carbon fiber shell. The contacts are all rhodium plated copper, and it offers great sound for a reasonable price. Wire - We use stranded, annealed 10awg copper wiring for the AC adapter. Not just any copper wiring, but wiring that sounds good on it's own as a power cord. That's how we tested wiring that we were intending to use for our AC adapters. It had to stand up on it's own before being incorporated into our products. . Body of The AC Adapter - We machine our own aluminum end caps for the carbon fiber tube we use to contain the Crystal Bybee Purifiers and our proprietary ground filter. This is expensive and time consuming, but very worth it. It gives the adapter a very elegant, finished look. Where to use the Tweek Geek Bybee AC adapter The Tweek Geek Bybee AC Adapter can be used on any audio component that accepts aftermarket power cords. Simply plug the power cord into the back of the aluminum end capped carbon fiber cylinder, then plug the carbon fiber IEC plug into the back of your component. We recommend you start at your source components first, then your amp(s), then your preamp. It works phenomenally well on subwoofers too. For those of you concerned with losing dynamics from a standard power conditioner, the Tweek Geek Bybee SE AC Adapter will allow you to filter and improve your audio component's incoming AC, without taking a chance on losing dynamics through the common filters used in most AC conditioners. We don't use common filters... What can I expect to hear? More textures in the music, more decay, air, space, dynamics, musicality. Any more audiophile buzzwords? Yes! Way better bass reproduction with more finesse, tunefullness and impact. What is most amazing is how you can have more body, and more transparency with less fatigue factor. So often you sacrifice body for resolution, or gains in transparency for loss of bass weight or midrange body. What the AC adapters do is nothing short of an audiophile miracle. You achieve an organic, non-electronic flow and ease to the music. You have midrange richness, fullness along with bass weight and slam. Last, you have incredible gains in low-level resolution that give you that wrap-around SE imaging. It will take ANY power cord, no matter how good, and make it better. These are hand-made, custom machined and painstakingly hand assembled products made in Colorado. It will take approximately 2-3 weeks from date of order until your AC adapter is delivered.
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