DH Labs Q-10 SignatureBINDING POST JUMPERSnewDH Labs Q-10 Signature BINDING POST JUMPERSUSERS ARE TRULY AMAZED by the SONIC IMPROVEMENTS from our custom DH Labs Silver Sonic Jumpers. A terrific value too. FAST SHIPPING via US Priority Mail.KNOW THIS...YOU DON’T NEED TO BI-WIRE to ho...69.50

DH Labs Q-10 Signature BINDING POST JUMPERS [Expired]

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USERS ARE TRULY AMAZED by the SONIC IMPROVEMENTS from our custom DH Labs Silver Sonic Jumpers.  A terrific value too.  

FAST SHIPPING via US Priority Mail.

YOU DON’T NEED TO BI-WIRE to hook up bi-wireable speakers! One should always buy the best quality speaker cable within one's budget, whether or not your speakers are bi-wireable.  Considering bi-wire cables should be secondary.

In fact, NOT bi-wiring will often produce better frequency linearity, better coherency between drivers, higher current handling, and deeper bass!  It can also save you a lot of money.

What you DO need if you don't bi-wire is a set of high quality jumpers to go between high and low frequency binding posts, or your sound will suffer greatly. 

Those gold-plated jumpers that came with your speakers are actually made of low quality brass, with poor transmission qualities. A raspy sounding coat of nickel plating under that light coat of gold makes it look shiny. Don't let the pretty gold plating fool you.  Quality jumpers can make a world of difference. 

Value Audio makes excellent sounding, affordable jumpers from DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 Signature Speaker Cable - a 10 gauge aggregate, hyper-pure Continuous Crystal/Continuous Cast Copper wire with a mirror-polished heavy silver cladding for excellent high-frequency extension and detail.  Bells, chimes, metallic strings and instruments come to life with realism.  Pure Teflon dielectric maintains clean, fast, precise sound.  NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR OUR EXCELLENT TERMINATION UPGRADE!  

Value Audio has been an authorized dealer of DH Labs Silversonic Cables for 19+ years!  Our assembly of their speaker cables has been very well regarded, officially factory authorized by DH Labs, and were featured in a cable article in The Absolute Sound magazine. 

Because of the silver clad surface, we don't have the typical concerns about detrimental oxidation that can occur with copper surfaces.  We therefore crimp-connect solidly for 100% conductivity at the connection, because even the finest solders are only about 15-20% conductive.

For typical 5-way binding posts, if your current cables have spades at the speaker end, we recommend bananas on the jumpers, and vice versa.  We also can build them with spades on one end and bananas on the other, allowing them to be freely used with primary speaker cables having either terminations ($10 upcharge due because this requires more jumper length).  Sold in stereo sets (place custom order for single speakers by phone). 

Nominal installed length reach of 6" is perfect for typical binding posts with centers 1" to about 2.5" apart. Custom lengths available.  Your choice of fine quality, sonically transparent Z-Plug bananas, or heavy duty multi-fit spades, fitting binding posts of 1/4-3/8" diameter. 

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