Emerald PhysicsKC IIEmerald Physics KC II Open Baffle speakers-FREE $500.00 BOM & FreightEmerald Physics KC II open baffle loudspeaker. Sale-Our lowest price ever Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal FREE Freight in the lower 48 sta...1888.00

Emerald Physics KC II Open Baffle speakers-FREE $500.00 BOM & Freight

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Package dimensions12.0" × 21.0" × 48.0" (200.0 lbs.)
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        Emerald Physics KC II open baffle loudspeaker.

             Sale-Our lowest price ever

   Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

        FREE Freight in the lower 48 states

Or buy the speakers for only $1699.00 without the BOM. The BOM extends the bass response to 32-35Hz and is adjustable for each users taste. Info is here:  http://www.emeraldphysics.com/products/bom

The standard finish is black powder coat that can be seen here:   https://www.emeraldphysics.com/products/kcii

We also have the gorgeous Cocobolo or Rosewood hi-gloss finish on sale for only $700.00. This is normally a $1,500.00 upgraded finish. Only 2 sets in Cocobolo & Rosewood are left.

The KC II is our least expensive
speaker and sets a new standard in value in high end loudspeakers. The KC II
is 93Db efficient, runs off of one amp and does not need DSP to sound great. At $1888.00 with the Bass Manager they come in the standard black finish

In the first review in Audiophilia they summed with:  "The trickle down
technology from the top Emeralds like the EP-2.8s to the new KCII is very
effective. You'll get both very sweet and dynamic sound, transparency, a
beautifully balanced midrange and a solid low end all for a very reasonable
price. Very highly recommended."

is with great pleasure that we award the
Audiophilia Star Component Award to
the Emerald Physics KC II Open Baffle Speaker. Congratulations! – Ed

Read the entire
review at:


KC II offers audiophiles true high end performance on a tight budget.
Performance for the money is off the scale. But don't take our word for it.
Here is a quote from a new customer:

"But the way I hooked them
(KCII) up late last night and even though they haven't broken in, I have two
words.   " holy shit".   Walter, this is a lot of speaker
for the money!  Honestly, one of the best speakers I have heard at any
price. This is hardly an entry level speaker.  Now I see why once you hear an open baffle
speaker, it's hard to listen to anything else.  I love then , and the
dsp,,,,  perfect!"

Here is a users post from Audio Asylum:

Posted by HiOnFi
(A) on August 21, 2016
at 04:57:12

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since putting the KC IIs in
my system, which has given me ample time to play music beyond the break-in
period, including the late addition of the second amp.

Over the last couple days I have been spinning Van Morrison
Greatest Hits, and very late last night, The Essential Leonard Cohen (2

Even at very late night low levels (1:30-4:30!) the KCIIs
amaze in their ability to reveal a ton of 3 dimensional space with every bit as
much speed and detail as I ever had through the Magnepan 3.5Rs. (I stuck with
the Maggies for ~ 6 years, mostly for their 40"+ ribbon tweeters). While the
mid/bass was clean, it lacked texture

The KC II's inner detail is so good, I often found myself
drifting towards the music, forgetting to pay proper attention to his powerful,
often enlightening lyrics, which when listening to Cohen is "Essential".
Consequentially, I found myself repeating tune after tune to catch up to his
stirring and enlightening words.

At low levels, every instrument and back up singer had the
proper location, space, and tone, but turn up the volume to a near live level
and the music takes on a physical "They're Here!" quality

Through the Maggies I often felt like an observer. But with
the KCIIs, I often feel immersed.

Cohen's songs took on a much deeper meaning as the musical
arrangements so fit the words, weaving a phenomenal tapestry. "Democracy" could
easily have been written today. Listening to "Take This Waltz", for the first
time I paid attention to his modern interpretation of what a Waltz sounds like.
I was Waltzing in my chair

And the BOM (bass management component) is 'the Bomb", at
least here in my large room, it does a great job of integrating my two SVS Ultra

Fine tuning the position of the left speaker (a mere 1”)
helped solidify the center image

I will go out on a limb here and suggest that even if you
already own much more expensive speakers, buy these and compare. Even if you
take a paper loss selling yours to keep these, musically you could be miles

Read the entire thread at: http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/speakers/messages/35/351535.html

Here is what the
experts are saying


Best Sound (for the money): (Paul Seydor)

"Emerald Physics KCII speaker system ($2495/pr.) driven by  Emerald’s EP100.2SE  amplifier
and Anti-Mode’s Dual 2.0 as preamp playing CDs
from a modest Marantz player. This demo featured among the most involving
overall sound that I heard at the show."

Read the report


In Other News (Robert Harley)

"Perhaps the best overall
value at the show
was the Emerald Physics KCII open-baffle
loudspeaker system ($2499) driven by the company’s EP100.2SE hybrid
power amplifier. The whole system was priced at just under $6k at retail, but
offered at $3799. This system

put many five-figure systems to shame."

Read the report


Best of Show (Jim Hannon):

"Best Sound (for the money): A tie between the very spacious and natural-sounding
Magnepan system with three Maggie .7 speakers ($1400/pair)
driven by Bryston electronics, and the Emerald Physics
open-baffle loudspeaker driven by an EP100.2SE  100Wpc
hybrid digital amplifier."

Read the report


Five Most Significant Products (Dr. Robert
E Greene)

Emerald Physics KC II Loudspeaker "Emerald
 was, as usual, showing
exceptional products at really exceptionally low prices.
In particular, the KC
II open-
baffle speakers at $2495 sounded very convincing musically and
also looked spectacular
, with an airbrushed faux wood finish that was to
wood what Balthasar Neumann’s faux marble was to Baroque architecture—arguably
more beautiful than the real thing. Emerald Physics was integrating its systems
with DSPeaker’s room-correction and frequency-response adjustment devices.
This seems to me very much the way that audio needs to go, offering as it does
extraordinary—and adjustable—sound in domestically compatible packages at
modest prices. People often wonder how serious audio can survive outside the
1% market. This is how."

Best sound for the money: (Dr. Robert E Greene)

"A tie between the Emerald
Physics KC II
, bringing really truthful sound in at really low prices, and the Lambert system
for its unique naturalness, of vocal reproduction especially, with a footprint
that is miniscule."

A wonderful report from The Audio

Traveler at:

The new Emerald Physics KC II
is a 4 driver three way open baffle design with dual (2) custom 10"
woofers and the custom Emerald Physics "Godzilla" 8" point
source midrange/tweeter. It throws a large 3 dimensional soundstage and imaging
is exceptional. Dynamics are extraordinary for a $2500.00 pair of speakers.
They are easy to drive at 93Db efficient. The boxiness associated with all
speakers in this price class is totally gone. Once you listen to an open baffle
it is hard to go back to ordinary box designs.

Parts quality is superb throughout. Check out the photo of our crossover versus
that of a competitive product.

These are amazing speakers for the price. Call to discuss these superb speakers
at 770-667-5633.

The photos are of the custom hand painted black Tri-coat finish, a
$1200.00 option that is no longer available. We do have 2 pair of $1500.00 Cocobolo or Rosewood baffles on sale for only $700.00 until gone.

KC II Specifications 

  • System Type: Passive 3-way / 4-driver Dynamic Dipole

  • Frequency Range: 45Hz–22kHz +/-3dB typical in-room
    response from target curve,

  • 32-35Hz with optional BOM
    (Bass Optimization Module) adjustable 4-pole Linkwitz Transform Function
    analog EQ. Free with purchase at $1999.00 for ltd time.

  • Frequency Linearity: +/- 1.5dB from 100Hz-20KHz from
    target curve

  • Impedance: 6 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum

  • Recommended power: 25-200 watt amps 

  • Max Power input: 150W RMS, 300W program 

  • Sensitivity: 93dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz 

  • Emerald Physics Screw-In 1 inch exit Titanium
    compression Tweeter

  • Emerald Physics Godzilla 8” Mid-Woofer/Midrange

  • 2 X Emerald Physics 10” paper cone Woofers w/ Dual
    Pleated Surrounds 

  • Crossover: Aperture Bass Propagation Loading – Mechanical at 300Hz + 2nd order acoustic @300 Hz for the woofer,   4th order acoustic @1250Hz  for the tweeter

  • Dimensions: 41.25”H x 19.25’W x 13.25D at base on

  • Weight: Net: 75lbs each, Shipping at 89lbs each box by

  • All specifications and pricing subject to change


with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer by feedback. Read our over
13,000 points of feedback.

We accept PayPal, AMEX, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and money orders.

Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these excellent speakers.

GA & HI residents add sales tax.


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