PMCFact 12usedPMC Fact 12 Speakers - White Silk - MintI am selling my pair of PMC Fact 12 speakers (White Silk). I am the original owner and purchased these brand new from an authorized dealer in April 2017. I have taken great care of these and the...10495.00

PMC Fact 12 Speakers - White Silk - Mint [Expired]

no longer for sale

I am selling my pair of PMC Fact 12 speakers  (White Silk).   I am the original owner and purchased these brand new from an authorized dealer in April 2017. I have taken great care of these and they are in excellent condition! 

These are truly the best speakers I have ever owned. They made playing my favorite music so much more enjoyable.  They have incredible detail and are very transparent.  You hear everything the music offers, they sound so natural, they come closer to the sound of the original instrument or voice than anything I have heard. I am selling as I am downsizing.  Over 18 years of warranty remaining.  

There are several reviews on these from respected publications. The reviewers truly loved them.

From Hifi + (by Jason Kennedy): "The fact.12 is in another league to most of the dynamic loudspeakers I’ve encountered, and it has qualities that none of the panel speakers that have come my way have been able to deliver, primarily in the dynamics and low-end speed department. This is a phenomenally fast loudspeaker across the board and the better an amplifier is in this respect the better they sound. In fact, the same goes for everything you use with the fact.12; it lets you know precisely what it’s doing, be it good or otherwise. It’s the sort of speaker that takes no prisoners, but it also has the ability to reach the parts that others can’t and has a refreshing effect on everything you play.

..........That extra transparency means you not only hear all the quiet bits that other speakers fail to resolve but the influences behind the work. For the first time, it became apparent that there’s a lot of Led Zeppelin in the guitars and drums on Once I Was An Eagle. The truly perceptive Zep head will probably have spotted this without so much assistance, but I need all the help I can get.

..........This speaker is one of those rare hi-fi components that tells you so much about the music and the rest of the system that it becomes difficult to make notes about. It’s clear that it is a milestone product, one that puts PMC into the premier league of loudspeaker brands. Not only does it look exquisite for a decent size speaker, it is second to none in terms of transparency, pace, imaging and dynamics. "

Free insured shipping to the 48 contiguous states (CONUS) at asking price.  Buyer pays PayPal fee.      Dims per speaker.

Thank you for looking..    

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