IDIOMSSPP-1newIDIOM SSPP-1 Passive Preamp W/Remote QUALITY COMPONENTS Black FaceSERIES SHUNT PASSIVE PREAMP WITH REMOTEThis a Black Face Plate unit. Only one for sale at this Time.This PRE is at home in MOST SYSTEMS AND COST LESS THAN MOST CABLES!!Developed & Assembled ...235.00

IDIOM SSPP-1 Passive Preamp W/Remote QUALITY COMPONENTS Black Face [Expired]

no longer for sale


This a Black Face Plate unit.  Only one for sale at this Time.


Developed & Assembled In The United States

This is an Exceptional Passive Preamp with Remote Control. It was developed, and assembled by hand in Asheville, NC with utmost care, using carefully selected components of only the highest quality. The resulting product is a truly remarkable preamp that achieves a smoothness, detail, and natural openness comparable to equipment found at a much higher price point.

With over 40 years experience, both professionally (as a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio equipment), and in my personal life as a passionate high-end audio hobbyist, I have been building and modifying audio equipment and loudspeakers, and actively participating in the audiophile community. About a year and a half ago, a few audio friends expressed frustration at their difficulty finding an affordable preamp of high quality, that also had a remote control, and asked if I could find a solution. I, too, had noticed a lack of solutions in my own attempts to assemble a high-quality, cost-effective system, as the preamps that performed well either had no remote, or were simply too expensive. I am retired and welcomed the challenge, and began developing a preamp that met our needs. After extensive research, feedback from my audiophile friends, and careful refinement, I arrived at a design that not only met, but greatly exceeded our expectations. The end result of our endeavors is so impressive, in fact, that we have decided to make a few units available to the audiophile community.

We are proud to present what we have affectionately named the

Idiom Acoustics Preamp.


In our endeavor to keep the signal path as short as possible, the input signal passes only through one very high quality 1% Caddock film resistor (which was carefully chosen for its superior sonic performance), and OFC Gold Plated  RCA'S .

Attenuation is accomplished via a motorized ALPS Blue Velvet Potentiometer to ground, wired with Mundorf PTEE gold/silver wire, which is considered one the best, most neutral wires available. Only Cardas solder is used in all signal-path connections.

A Quality  IR Volume Control Board is powered by an external 9VDC power supply. Motor power filtered through an internal RF choke. The operation of the control board is completely discrete, and is fully isolated from the audio signal path. A heavy, off-the-shelf aluminum chassis was selected not only protect the preamp from external RF, but also to anchor the preamp against the weight of connected cables, and to maintain distance between the remote control board and the signal path. Upward and downward adjustment of the volume via the remote is indicated by corresponding LEDs positioned on the front panel.


A passive preamp works great in most systems. To function optimally, the source voltage should be approx. 2V with less than 150 Ohms impedance and amplifier input impedance should be greater than 33k, with an input voltage rating of 1.2V or less, for full output.

14 DAY RETURN: IF THE PREAMP DOES NOT MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Must be in condition as received. 

Size: W6.5” x D10” x H2.5”

Included: PREAMP

9V Power Supply, Remote, 2xAA Batteries


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