KrellSolo 575usedStereophile Class A rated. 40% off. Buy it now, make offer, or ask questions. Price is for a matched pair (consecutive serial numbers) of these awesome amplifiers! Krell Solo 575 mono block ampl...11900.00

Krell Solo 575 575W Class A monoblock, Dealer Demo w/ Full 5yr warranty [Expired]

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Stereophile Class A rated.  40% off. Buy it now, make offer, or ask questions.  Price is for a matched pair (consecutive serial numbers) of these awesome amplifiers!  
Krell Solo 575 mono block amplifers, black, excellent condition, dealer demonstrator.  Full 5-year warranty from an authorized Krell dealer.  These current model, amplifiers have very low hours.  You won't find a single ding, mark, or scratch anywhere.  Buy with confidence, see my decade of feedback.  The finest sounding amplifer Krell has ever built, even compared to my previous benchmark, the 50k EV900e mono blocks!  Comes complete, like new, original box, accessories, and a full 5 years of warranty in your name/address that begins when it arrives at your door!  Mint Condition. 9/10 See pictures.  Just like new.  PayPal fee included.  Shipping and Insurance included. 
I've compared these amps to even the mighty EVO-900e mono blocks.  The Solo 575 has an even lager soundstage (width and depth), there is noticeably more transparency, more speed, and an excellent control from top to bottom.  iBias is more precise, less smeared, and more listenable than all previous Krells.  The Solo 575 is non-fatiguing, and quite simply the best sounding amplifier Krell has ever built.  And these amplifiers have RCA, XLR, and CAST!  Paired with a CAST-capable preamp is just sonic bliss.  The other welcome feature of this amp is the low heat output.  They are very efficient.  Krell iBias rules!

From Stereophile September 2015:

"The Solo 575s' taut bottom end produced always-entertaining rhythmic drive and pleasing musical flow. Their punchy but nonaggressive top end was likewise fast, and the surprisingly silky ultratop, which appeared when least expected and was always very welcome, added to the endless excitement and strong listening involvement these amps produced in me." 
Krell Solo 575 monoblock: $22,500/pair
With their top-of-the-line Solo 575 and its similarly new stablemates, Krell has made a conspicuous return to class-A amplification, but with a twist: Krell's iBias signal-tracking technology is claimed to make possible an amp that runs in class-A yet takes up less space, runs cooler, and delivers significantly more power than class-A amps of yore. In MF's system, the 575W Solo 575—which offers balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs as well as Krell's proprietary CAST input socket—produced not the richness, suppleness, and maxed-out sustain he associates with traditional class-A amplification, but rather a speedier attack and a "taut bottom end [that] produced always-entertaining rhythmic drive and pleasing musical flow." As Mikey says, especially if you listen mostly to rock, "you need to hear the Solo 575s." JA noted power output that comfortably exceeded the manufacturer's specifications. His conclusion: "Amplifiers don't get much better."

Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, –0.15 dB
<0.5 Hz to 100 kHz +0, –3 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio
>108 dB, wideband, unweighted, referred to full power output
>115 dB, "A"-weighted

27 dB

Total harmonic distortion
<0.03% at 1 kHz, at 575 W, 8 Ω 
<0.19% at 20 kHz, at 575 W, 8 Ω 

Input Impedance
Single-ended: 100 kΩ 
Balanced: 200 kΩ 

CAST: 70 Ω 

Input sensitivity
Single-ended, balanced, or CAST: 3.03 V RMS

Output power
625 W RMS at 8 Ω
910 W RMS at 4 Ω

1050 W RMS at 2 Ω

Output voltage
200 V peak-to-peak
71 V RMS

Output current
23 A peak

Slew rate
40 V/μs

Output impedance
<0.045 , 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Damping factor
>216, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, referred to 8 

Power consumption
Standby: 1 W
Idle: 131 W
Maximum: 2660 W

Heat output
Standby: 3.42 BTU/hr.
Idle: 448 BTU/hr.
Maximum: 9097 BTU/hr.

1 single-ended via RCA connector
1 balanced via XLR connector
1 CAST LEMO connector

1 pair WBT binding posts

17.1 in. W x 7.65 in. H x 21.10in. D
434 mm W x 194 mm H x 536mm D

80 lbs., 36.4 kg (shipping)
70 lbs., 31.8 kg (unit only)

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