Custom Wood Racks & Stands3 Shelf, Maple & WalnutnewCustom Wood Racks & Stands 3 Shelf, Maple & WalnutI am listing a Custom Audio Stand, 3 shelf, shelves are made out of solid Maple and the supports are solid Southern Black Walnut. This listing is for the 3 shelf only. These stands are made one at ...1995.00

Custom Wood Racks & Stands 3 Shelf, Maple & Walnut [Expired]

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I am listing a Custom Audio Stand, 3 shelf, shelves are made out of solid Maple and the supports are solid Southern Black Walnut. This listing is for the 3 shelf only. These stands are made one at a time in my small shop here in the mountains of Pickens County South Carolina, just up the road from AudioGon here in Greenville S.C.   Due to shop space, I have no room to store extra inventory, so I must make 1 at a time. Average turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks, shipped, but that depends on how busy I am.  Here is a little background on me, 1st Audio is all I do period. I am not a production shop. Please see all pictures and also check my virtual system here on audiogon for more pictures. I am 62 years old and have been a woodworker for at least 40+ years, and have been around it all my life. My father left me the legacy. I have worked for 2 Mcintosh dealers, one was here in Greenville S.C. doing mostly custom installs. I also was a Sgt. in the US Army. I have been an Audiophile since I was 14 years old.
   At 17 I was inspired and mentored by the mgr. of Sound World ltd. in Va. Beach, he was a retired engineer and designer for the speaker company Genesis corp. in the 70s. And that was when I started learning about speaker Cabinet material and the importance that hardwood plays in the way an audio system sounds. Fast forward to the early nineties when I went to work for Mitchells Stereo doing installs, builtins racks shelfs, metal and wood and at the expense of what the customer wanted I started hearing the difference between 1st the racks we sold (metal with some veneered plywood or particle board) then the custom stands that had to fit the customers needs. Thats when it hit what my old mentor taught me when i was a young man, the speaker cabinet material made a huge difference in the sound, his wood of choice was maple and walnut.
  The better your system, the better my racks will help the sound, if your stand has any metal, I don't care what kind it or how exotic it may be that is you Vibration weak point. Sound Vibrations will travel with it like hitting a metal pipe, sources of vibration can come from a refrigerator cycling on/off, A/C, footsteps and even your system it comes from all directions to cloud your sound. And even stands filled with sand, they were heavy but had that vibe.   The sound improvement of my stands are dynamic, you will have a much better sound stage, overall a brighter cleaner sound, more musical, separation is more definite, if you're a bass fan you can push the bass a lot more. Isolation of your components is the single most important thing you can do to let your system sound as the manufacturer intended it too. And they are really easy on the eyes. When you sit down for a listening session not only will your ears enjoy it but it's nice to look at too. The Stand is warm and nice to touch, not cold like those metal ones, when you consider your stand as a component and not just something to put your gear on, is when the benefit will come. I use no metal spikes that will mark up your wood floors. As far as I'm concerned they are a waste of money. As soon as I have the time those overpriced Brass footers on my turntable will be Maple which I turn by hand.
   The only drawback so to speak with my stands are they are not adjustable, but that's another reason why they are Custom made for you, at the time you order we will discuss your needs. However my best seller is the standard 3 shelf that I am using, it is 52 inches long 21 inches wide (deep) and 37 1/2 inches high, with 14 1/2 inches between shelves. As you can see by the pictures there is a lot of room to deal with. All the wood is handpicked by me, I have 3 suppliers and all know that I won't buy it if it isn't up to my standard, I am very picky and build each rack better then mine. Shipping, I have shipped stands to Alaska, California, and most other states, the average price for my standard 3 shelf is around $300.00, but it all depends on the stand and where it's going. I can give you a quote as you get closer to ordering. 
  Please understand that these stands are heavy some have a shipping weight of over 400lbs. so all stands will be shipped with a lift gate unless it is going to a business address with a loading dock. and make sure you have a couple of friends to help. All stands are made by hand by me one at a time. My son helps out with the heavy lifting. I know my limitations with how big I can safely make them so let me know what ya need, we can go from there. I also build custom turntables and amp stands and isolation platforms, please see my pictures. if you like what you see let me know and I can get it going for you. So Custom Hard Wood stands made one at a time, or mass-produced cold steel, let me know it would be an Honor to build your stand, the old fashion way by hand, thanks for taking the time to look at my add, and please check my feedback and buy with confidence.
   Idownloadedoaded a video to you tube, for all the proof about isolation and do my stands work, i weigh 250 lbs on a good day go to youtube and watch the short film. Just type in Saluda River Audio Stands. And please check my wesite, for more pictures and reviews, Thanks Mike