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Vandersteen 5A Carbon Custom Birds Eye Maple [Expired]

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We are offering a Trade-in pair of one of the finest speakers made by Vandersteen Audio. This pair of speakers are meticulously hand crafted in California using rare prime Bird's eye maple Veneers. ( Custom wood finish is nearly impossible to source now )

We also have Vandersteen 3a, Treo CT, Quatro CT and the Model 7 MK2 on display.

Several Mono Blocks Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers and accessories will be offered based upon your customized needs.

Audio Research available stock now 30% off with the purchase of these speakers.

"The Vandersteen 5A Carbon is one of the best speakers I have heard ... I'm excited enough about the 5A Carbons to make them my new reference speakers ..." 
- Anthony H. Cordesman, The Absolute Sound

Vandersteen Audio’s Model 5A Carbon is the latest evolution of the classic Model 5 and the ultra-competitive little brother to the flagship Model Seven. The Models 5 and 5A reigned at the top of the Vandersteen line for over a decade, exemplifying many of Richard Vandersteen’s most radically effective design principles. The 5 Series have always been time- and phase-correct speakers that push the technological edge, with extreme-performance features that include an ultra-rigid, constrained-layer head section with Minimum-Baffle construction, a 400-watt powered-bass section with 11-band room EQ, passive high-pass filters and a highly advanced, completely proprietary 12” push-pull subwoofer driver.

What separates the 5A Carbon from previous iterations of the 5 Series are its carbon-fiber midrange and tweeter drivers, which are descended directly from the patented Perfect-Piston drivers developed for and used in the flagship Model Seven. These carbon drivers are the result of an unprecedented 10-year research & development effort by Richard Vandersteen. While the Perfect-Piston midrange and tweeter used in the flagship Model Seven are the fully embodied ideal of Vandersteen’s carbon driver technology, the Model 5A Carbon is a paragon of high-frequency air and extension, midrange openness and resolution, and the kind of tight, tuneful deep bass that only a powered-bass speaker with integral room EQ can provide. The Model 5A Carbon is Richard Vanderteen’s Dimensional Purity concept taken to the extreme!

( We have the matching CC5 Center speaker in Maple finish for $1250.00 )

All shipping will be by Freight Truck. All local buyers can have these speakers installed and setup in your home for $750.00. This will include the complete Room Calibration.

We can help with Electronics also !

All California residents pay sales tax.


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