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Used Resonessence Labs Concero HP in Excellent condition


CONCERO HP is three things in one: first, it is the Resonessence upgradable FPGA DSP core with all the proven filters and algorithms of the CONCERO family; second, it uses the 32bit ES9018-2M Sabre DAC in both PCM and DSD modes to provide high quality audio; and finally it provides a state-of-the-art headphone driver capability.

The CONCERO HP delivers digital music directly from your computer USB or audio S/PDIF source to your chosen headphones with exceptionally low distortion (< 0.001%) and high dynamic range (> 112dB).

Similarly to all the CONCERO family, the CONCERO HP enumerates on the PC as a USB Audio 2.0 device (by use of our freely provided Thesycon USB Audio 2.0 driver), and natively on the Mac. But in addition, CONCERO HP also enumerates as a Human Interface Device  (HID) which allows its volume control to drive the volume level in the music player directly. (Learn more about the volume control)

When internal up-sampling is being used (taking your 44.1kS/s or 48kS/s to 176.4kS/s and 192kS/s) pressing the center of the volume control knob cycles through the Resonessence up-sampling filters for you to optimize your listening experience.

( These last two features mean that no remote control is necessary with the CONCERO HP, but if you prefer to use a remote control, CONCERO HP responds to the Apple IR Remote just like the other CONCERO family members.  )

( A configuration utility on both PC and MAC is provided to configure the CONCERO HP to use S/PDIF as either an input or as an output to enable S/PDIF bridge mode. This configuration utility is provided so that the CONCERO HP requires no remote control to access all the features. You can change the configuration as often as you like, the configuration you chose is stored in the CONCERO’s non-volatile memory chip. )

SpecificationsCONCERO HDCONCERO HPDSD64/DSD128YesYesBit Width2424Bits at Input*Sample rate (max)352.8352.8kS/sOutput Level23.5 (at 0dB)VRMSOutput Impedance752.2OhmsTHD+Noise<0.001, 100<0.001, 100%,dBDynamic Range>112dB A-WeightedHum and Noise<3.4uV A-WeightedPower 32 ohms270, 91mW, THD+N dBPower 60 ohms206, 94mW, THD+N dBPower 300 ohms45, 102mW, THD+N dBPower 600 ohms22.75, 102mW, THD+N dB

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